500px vs Flickr

If you are now looking for the best place to host your photography portfolio, you may be confused between 500px vs Flickr. Both are popular photo sharing websites that have been chosen by both beginner and advanced photographers. So, which one is better? See the detailed comparison below!

In this article, we will discuss further about:
– The audience types on 500px and Flickr
– The sharing control on each site
– The features and benefits of each site
– The marketing aspect on 500px vs Flickr
– Which photography website that is better for your portfolio

Although both 500px and Flickr are popular photography websites, you may need to take into your consideration the fact that these two websites were initially designed for different kinds of users. As the effect, you should expect different kinds of users and audience on the two websites. See also: 500px vs SmugMug.

500px is designed more professional photographers and those with great passion for photography. This is why, on 500px, you can find more professional tools. The portfolio page functions like a CV, on which you can express who you are as a photographer. The audience here is less varied, mostly people with at least some knowledge in photography.

On the other hand, Flickr is more of a casual photo sharing website. Flickr can be used by any person who wants to share their photos to an extensive audience. The photos can be holiday snaps or professional-grade images. The page is relatively simple. The audience is highly varied, ranging from casual users who only use Flickr for photo sharing to dedicated photographers.

Sharing and Promotion
If your primary purpose is reaching the widest audience possible, Flickr is probably your best bet. Flickr has a larger base of users, although the kinds of users are also more varied. If you want to share a large number of images, Flickr is suitable. It can easily sort your image library, and it can help you arrange your images into sets and collections.

Another nice feature of Flickr is that it allows you to embed your images into your blog. This is very handy if you are an active blogger. You can easily link the image that you display on your blog to your Flickr page. So, people can get to know your photography works better.

However, although Flickr has been quite successful in bringing high-profile clients, 500px is still employed by many professional photographers as a marketing tool. 500px has a stylish, sophisticated design that encourages you to upload only your best photographs. Potential clients that come to your 500px profile will expect to see your finest shots, so make sure that you don’t encumber the page with too many images.

500px allows members to vote and favorite images. If an image has received lots of votes, favorites, and views, it can go to the ‘Pulse’ or evaluation. Afterwards, it may go to the ‘Popular’ page, where it will attract more attention. On the top right corner of your 500px profile, you can add links to other websites, including Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr.

Selling Your Works
If you wish to sell your shots to other people, 500px is the way to go. It has a built-in marketplace where members can sell and buy photographic works. However, it is not very crowded. Most people simply only comment on other people’s images.

On the other hand, Flickr does not have such marketplace. After all, Flickr is designed for casual photo sharing, and not for selling professional works.

500px vs Flickr

- More for professional and dedicated photographers- More for casual photo sharing
- Customizable profile page, stylish and sophisticated design- Simple page, easy sharing to blogs
- Narrower audience- Wider, more varied audience
- Suitable for displaying your finest works- Suitable for sharing a large number of images
- Has a marketplace- No marketplace

If you only want to share your images to reach a large audience, Flickr is a better choice. However, if you are a professional or dedicated photographer looking for high-profile clients, you should also consider having a 500px account, on which you can display your finest works. 500px also has a marketplace where members can sell and buy images.

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