Airbnb vs Hotel

One of the most important things when people do traveling is lodging. I am sure that all people want to get the best taste of rest and comfortably without spend so much money. The popular kinds of lodging now is hotel. Generally, people use a hotel as an accommodation when they are doing travelling or business trip. Nowadays, people start to know Airbnb. So what exactly Airbnb is? Airbnb is a website that exist to serve people in accommodation. This kind of lodging is actually same as hotel. But basically, it is an online-based home-sharing service that provide a lot of benefit rather than hotel. Let’s see the comparison of between Airbnb and Hotel that may influence you in choosing the right place to stay.

One of the ideal factor to stay if the facility is being able to meet every need of customer. The more facility that provide by the lodging the more people want to stay in that lodging. So, what exactly the facilities that should be provided by a Lodging? The facilities can be divided into public and private facilities. Private facilities is a must in a lodging, because it can support the daily activities of customer. While public facilities is not a must for lodging but it must there to make the customer more excited. So, how about Airbnb and Hotel?

Do they provide many facilities toward their customers? Let’s talking about Airbnb first. Airbnb is a home-sharing where the house owner shares the profit with the website that display the ads about its home. Airbnb has limited facilities if we compare with hotel. Airbnb only share their house without provide additional facilities like hotel. Hotel provide great facilities to their lovely guest, for instance the online ticket booking, food and beverage, swimming pool, wifi, and etc. So, if you want more complete facility when you do travelling, you have to choose a hotel as the answer. See more discussion about Airbnb in here!

Do you ever heard that, “The price is proportional to the facilities that we gained”? People usually repeat this sentence before they choose the right place to stay. If we are looking from the first comparison, we already guess that the hotel has expensive price rather than Airbnb. Another reason why a hotel more expensive than Airbnb is hotel has a lot of service and staff that should be paid. So, the more we are using the service the more we have to pay. Additionally, in hotel the number of people is limited. One room only for two people, while in Airbnb the number of people is not limited. In Airbnb, you can invite your family to stay so you don’t have to worry too much in there will be a charge.

In conclusion, before you choose the right place to stay, you have to know the detail information about that place whether it is hotel or even Airbnb. Facilities and Price are the common factors that influence people in choosing the place to stay. If you as a customers do travelling and would like to really get the best place with the complete facilities and only bring yourself, it’s much better for you to choose the hotel. But, if you want to enjoy your trip with your whole family you may interest to try Airbnb to save on expenses.

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