Airbnb vs VRBO

Did you already prepare your travelling’s schedule in 2018? If yes, congratulation. You are the real person who wants to do vocation soon. But if you are not yet to prepare, here some article may help you to find out the anti-mainstream inn. Really? Yes. In this new era of technology we can find a lot of website that provide affordable in with a variety of interesting options. Do you ever heard about Airbnb? HomeAway? Couchsurfing? Or VRBO (vacation rentals by Owner). In this article, I would like you to know about Airbnb and VRBO only, because it’s popular website all day.

Which one have the nicest place to stay?
This is a good question that can help the users to choose whether Airbnb or VRBO as the place to stay. If you are looking for the luxury place, I suggest you to visit VRBO. In VRBO, average house-rent has complete facilities rather than in Airbnb that offer general house with limited facilities. But, of course in VRBO you will get the worth it price or the high price than Airbnb that usually provide the cheapest one.

Who has the great display of website?
According to the writers, Airbnb has the great display of website rather than VRBO. Why? Because it contains a detail information regarding the house that being rental. A detail information of the place is the important factors that can attract the users to choose the place. Moreover, the displaying of Airbnb more convincing rather that in VRBO. The quality of Image in Airbnb also better than VBRO.

Do they provide application in PlayStore?
Yes. They do. They have their own application in Playstore that provide the same features as in their website. The application’s name for Airbnb is Airbnb with 240 million users while VRBO has application’s name in Playstore as VRBO Vacation Rentals with 587 users.

Which one have the best price?
Hmm…talking about price, it’s quite hard to find the real data regarding both website. Because it’s influenced by various factors such as the facilities, the kinds of room, the size, the number of people that could stay. Airbnb at all looks have the cheapest available options than VRBO. Airbnb gives you some options to rent the room (space in an apartment) or one big size of home, while VRBO/HomeAway only focus on one type of a house, so it makes this more expensive compare with Airbnb.

Do they provide “pet allowed” policy?
Yes, they do. Both of them provide “pet allowed” policy because they think pet already claim as their member of family. You can search in the box of searching with the keyword “pet friendly” so you can easily find the house that allowed pet to bring when holidays come. But unfortunately, not all the host want allow the users to bring their pet even the Airbnb and VROB already allowed that policy.

After all the review above, if you want to try the website to booking your accommodation you can use both website. But the writer suggest you to choose Airbnb because it is the general website with millions trusted users. Airbnb has the various choices of the room started from one room only, apartment, one big house, the garage, and others. Besides, choosing the Airbnb is the best deal because the price is affordable and worth it enough with the standard facility.

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