Convertkit vs Mailchimp

There are so many email automation tools out there as the demand continue to rise. This kind of tools are going to be one of the most important part in your business to create relationships and making sales. In today Convertkit vs Mailchimp article, we are going to give you information regarding what these two similar yet different tools can offer to you, so you can choose wisely. If you are interested in one or both of them, you may want to check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Convertkit and Mailchimp
– What Convertkit and Mailchimp can offer to you
– Convertkit vs Mailchimp

About Convertkit
As you may already know, Convertkit is an email service provider that is specially marketed for bloggers, podcasters or other business owners who are building or doing their work by building audiences. This one is can be categorized as a new player in the market and with the high subscription, the company will offer you some advanced features like landing page editor, email automations and many more with an easy to use system.

Convertkit Pricing
To use their service, Convertkit will bill you at least $29 per month if you are only have up to 1k subscribers and unfortunately, they don’t offer any free plan for beginner. The level of subscription will depend on how many subscribers you have and the highest plan will bill you $79 per month for up to 5k subscribers while if you have more, you always can make a custom level. Read also: Convertkit vs Drip here.

Convertkit Features
One of the best thing about Convertkit is it offer you landing page editor even if you don’t have your own website, which is surely a convenient ability for social media campaigns. It will also give you user-subscription management with tagging system to help you add and remove subscribers from workflows. Another loved feature here is its seamless visual automation editor because now you can edit the email inside the automation editor itself, so you won’t lose context of what you were doing.

About Mailchimp
Another popular emailing tool you can count on to is Mailchimp. This one is built as a business-oriented email marketing tool that you can use to send messages, collecting the statistics and improving your performance. They also offer mobile apps to let you craft and send campaigns from your portable devices whether it is Android or in iOS. Last year, the company released some new features like alerts for pay-as-you-go customers, inbox preview and chat support for paid customers.

Mailchimp Pricing
The first good thing about Mailchimp is it offers you a free plan if you only have maximum 2000 subscribers and it will allow you to do 12000 email per month. The paid plan will bill you at least $10 per month to get most of its pro features including unlimited subscribers and unlimited emails while the most expensive will bill you $199 per month but also with more advanced features like send time optimization, delivery by time zone, and advanced segmentation.

Mailchimp Features
One of the best features on Mailchimp is the thorough reporting, which includes clients, geo-tracking, social media and Google analytics integration. It also offer you a simple and clean interface but with powerful editor. If you choose the most expensive plan, you will get the advanced features like send time optimization, so you can be sure your emails are delivered to the right person at the right time because you can target them based on behavior, preferences, and previous sales.

Now, let’s compare Convertkit with Mailchimp. Both of them are good emailing tools, but are designed for different user or shines the most at different part. We know that Convertkit have its own landing page editor which is not available in Mailchimp. Convertkit is also easier to manage with more intuitive set up when compared to Mailchimp but Mailchimp come with so many integrations to both popular and niche applications. Using Convertkit will also require you to know some HTML knowledge to be able to add form fields and very limited email templates.

Convertkit vs Mailchimp

- Offer landing page editor- Thorough reporting
- Need some HTML knowledge- Not suitable for affiliate marketing
- More expensive- More affordable
- Doesn’t offer free plan- Offer free plan

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, you should base your option on what you need in your business. If you have some knowledge about HTML and want a more intuitive tool, Convertkit is the one but if you need thorough reporting with many integrations and you are not an affiliate marketer, Mailchimp is a good option.

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