Couchsurfing vs Airbnb

Some people consider that the holiday is the important thing in their life. Yes, the writer agree that holiday or traveling is the crucial thing that should be done. The reason why we need to take a holiday is we already tired after we work all week and start getting bored. Holiday in some destination can back the mood and make the mind more refresh. But unfortunately, most of us scare in finding the nice place to stay. Even though, we all have an access to internet and a lot of website that already provide applications for online booking such as Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, and Couchsurfing. The most common application that usually used by the user is Airbnb. And the second common application is Couchsurfing. Let’s peek for a while the comparison of both website in term of providing the service in accommodation.

What are the differences between Airbnb and Couchsurfing?
AirBnB is a service that allows guests who want to book (lodging) that owned by the host of lodging. The properties can be owned by individuals or private. It’s advertised and organized by Airbnb directly from Airbnb Company. Like us if at home there are empty rooms and rented out, or have a rented home. It is an easy website and application to use compare than other application. This application already have many features so that it the booking can be done in anywhere and anytime. Read also : Airbnb vs VRBO.

Couchsurfing or CS (the common abbreviation) is a kind of social networking site for travelers in the form of hospitality exchange where this site provides available accommodation based on members. So, when you become a member of this website or application you must ready to share your home and get the free home when you do traveling somewhere. Not only free charge of lodging, it also give more chance for us as traveler to know more about the local people, attend the event, or even send the message to other traveler in whole world.

Does the couchsurfing more superior than Airbnb?
Not really sure. But I think no. As you know from the information above, yes the traveler would get a free charge of a lodging if they are becoming a member of Couchsurfing community and become a host of lodging. But, mostly not all the cities provide the Couchsurfing. Only the traveler that live in the big country that use this application. Why? Because the application is not popular as Airbnb. The user of Couchsurfing less than the user or Airbnb. If couchsurfing has 53.293 more users, the Airbnb already touched 240 million of users.

Which one is the best, Airbnb or Couchsurfing?
If we are talking about which one is the best, the Airbnb is the exact answer. Why it can be so? Because in Airbnb, when we are as a user wants to book a room, we need to pay some money to guarantee the room that already booked. We can use the facilities that already provided and we can rent the house, apartment or villa according the time that we need, for instance only one day, one week, one month, and so on. In Couchsurfing, we don’t have too much worry because the room is free from “price”. But unfortunately, the facilities are very limited and we don’t have options to choose how many days we want to stay, because usually the host will give limited time for example not more than 3 or 4 days.

Before you believe to choose whether you want to choose Airbnb or Couchsurfing, you must understand first the rules of each website. Pay attention toward the little thing that can help you in fulfilling your needs. If you have limited budget but you still want to do travel, you better to choose Couchsurfing. But if you want to enjoy your travel time longer, you must keep Airbnb as the right answer.Moreover, you can choose the good room based on the good review on the website, choose the room that has 5 stars review to make you sure it is the safety place to stay.

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