Doordash vs Caviar

Food delivery service through app is very popular in the last several years and we can see there are so many of them now offering the same service. Unlike in the past where we only able to order from one or two place, now we can choose from numerous restaurants right in your smartphones. In today Doordash vs Caviar article, we are going to give you information about what you can expect from them and how to use their app. If you are interested, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Doordash and Caviar
– How to use Doordash and Caviar
– Doordash vs Caviar

About Doordash
Doordash is one of the big player in food delivery service even though it still can’t beat the current top GrubHub. There is issue about them joining with Postmates but there is no further information about it now. The company decided not only limiting their service on delivering food from restaurants but also try to expand their service into delivering grocery even though it is still very limited and only from Walmart.

Doordash for Dasher
If some company may not specified how many their delivery workers will earn per hour at its lowest point, Doordash guarantee a minimum of $10 per hour, so even though you get very little order in an hour less than $10, they will pay the difference. You may also keep 100% of your tips. Read also: Doordash vs Favor here.

Doordash Ease of Use
Using Doordash app is very easy just like using any similar app. You will need to make account first and then you can start ordering from any restaurants partnered up with the app located near or at least not very far from your place. You will be able to specified orders or customizing it if you want and track where is your food currently at after they are picked up by your dasher.

About Caviar
For most people who live in the United States, you must ever heard of Caviar food delivery app. This app is similar like those GrubHub and UberEats and you can use their service to order food from any restaurants affiliated with the company to order food straight from your phone whether you are in your own home or from your office. The company also offer various type of services for companies like group orders, and corporate accounts where employee can make order on their own with pre-set budget.

Caviar for Courier
Beside the user who order food from the app, people who need job or those who want to work in more flexible hour also can become the delivery people. The company claimed that their delivery partner will earn up to $25 per hour and they will receive 100% of the tips while minimum pay is not mentioned.

Caviar Ease of Use
Using the app is very easy just like using any other similar app. You only have to select the restaurant you want and select food from their menu. They also have a Fastbite list, which will contains restaurants with meals under $15, delivered 15 minutes or less. After you pick your food and fill information like quantity and custom orders if you want, the app will give you the price, service fee, tax and additional cost if available. After selecting your payment, now you only have to wait for it.

Now, let’s compare Doordash and Caviar. Both of them offer the same service but Caviar is only focusing in restaurant and food while building a strong connections with their selected restaurants at the other hand, Doordash is more flexible with also offering pickup and delivery service from grocery store. Caviar doesn’t specified minimum pay per hour, so it is not clear whether they will pay the difference if you are working in slow hours but Doordash put the margin at $10 per hour.

Another difference is the size, since Doordash is bigger than caviar, they have more drivers, more restaurants partner, and of course wider coverage.

Doordash vs Caviar

- Offer grocery pickup- Offer restaurant pickup
- Wider coverage- Narrower coverage
- More restaurants options- Lesser restaurants partner
- Guarantee minimum pay for dasher- Minimum pay not specified

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, when using this kind of service, you have to try them one by one. For example, try comparing how much total if you order from one app with the other, so you will know which offer friendlier cost.

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