Doordash vs Favor

Food delivery service is not a new thing and restaurants already have the feature since very long time ago. What’s make the thing new again is because now instead of placing an order in the restaurants, you can use one app to pick and order whatever you want even from those with no delivery option. In today Doordash vs favor article, we are going to give you more information about these similar app and how to use them. If you are interested, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Doordash and Favor
– How to use Doordash and Favor
– Doordash vs Favor

About Doordash
Doordash is one of the big player in food delivery service and it is available in so many cities across the United States and even in Canada. There is a rumor about the company merging with Postmates to stand stronger in market share, but there is still no clear further information about it. This is an app that you can use to order foods from its partnered restaurants and a choice for those who want to manage their working hours by being the delivery people.

The company not stopping only at food delivery service but they also partnered with a grocery shop, Walmart in Atlanta to deliver grocery. The app is useful for people who don’t want to cook, have no access to kitchen, and have no time to go to restaurant. For dashers or delivery people, the minimum pay is $10 per hour, so if you earn less, the gap will be paid by the company. Read also: Doordash vs GrubHub here.

Doordash Ease of Use
Using the app is very easy and chances are you can get used to it instantly. There is a list of cities and restaurants. All you need to do is choose the restaurant, food, set the quantity and custom it if you have special request. The app will bill you with the food price, tax, delivery service, as well as driver tip and discount if available.

About Favor
Another great service you can try to order food from restaurants is Favor. This Texas based company is not as popular as Doordash since they limit their operating region only in Texas to focus achieving profitability in its home state, so if you are living outside the state, you can’t use the app. Similar like any other services, you can use their service to order food from many places even those without delivery service staff. Until last February, they already have 50 operating cities across Texas.

The app is boasting its fast delivery time because they said the delivery time won’t exceed 1 hour. Besides for user who need their food delivery service, Favor also help people seeking income or additional money by being their delivery people. Their minimum pay per hour depend on the scheduled hours and driver usually made from $10 to $18 per hour.

Favor Ease of Use
Using its app to order is also a breeze. The app will show you restaurants around you and you can just start picking food you like and when your order is fix, you can enter the payment method. The service is cashless, so you need to use credit card and when your payment has been confirmed, you only have to wait the food to arrive.

Now, let’s compare Doordash and Favor. As you already know, currently, Favor only operating in Texas, so if you live outside the state, you can’t use it unlike Doordash with wider coverage. Another difference is Doordash also do grocery shopping, even though only in one place Walmart Atlanta while Favor currently only do food delivery.

Doordash vs Favor

- Available in most places- Only available in Texas
- Also offer grocery shopping- Only offer food delivery
- Stronger market share- Small market share

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. If you live in Texas, both option are available but if you live outside the state, Doordash is better with its wider coverage area, so you can use one app and don’t need to download another app just in case when you move to another state.

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