DoorDash vs Ubereats

With today technology, human life are getting easier. In the past we have to stand in roadside to catch Taxi or call your nearby restaurant to deliver your food. Now, you can stay still at home and your driver will come to get you or deliver the food for you even when you order in a restaurant placed a bit far from your place. In today Doordash vs Ubereats article, we are going to give you more information regarding these two services, so you will know which to install in your smartphone.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are DoorDash and Ubereats
– How DoorDash and Ubereats make their revenue
– How to order with DoorDash and Ubereats
– DoorDash vs Ubereats

About DoorDash
As you may already know, DoorDash is an on-demand food delivery service, which means you can use them to order food from various restaurants even those who don’t have staff to do the delivery. The service are already covering around 600 cities across North America, it is the direct competitor of Ubereats that we are going to talk later, and another popular similar services like Postmates and GrubHub. Recently in April, the company even ventured into grocery delivery partnership with Walmart in Atlanta.

DoorDash Users and Revenue Sources
DoorDash customer segment is divided into 3 parts; the user, restaurants, and the dasher. The user is the people who don’t want to go out to get their food, corporate/team leader who don’t want to waste their time purchasing the food to treat their members, people who don’t know how to cook, and college or working people with no kitchen facility; restaurant user are those without their own delivery services, food joints who don’t have good sitting areas, and those who want more customers as well as online branding.

The last is dashers, which is usually people who want to do delivery jobs with flexible timings and those who want a job with good tips. All of these people are the user of DoorDash and make the business runs smoothly. The company generates their revenue from taking commission on each order, restaurants advertising, and with delivery fees. Read also: Postmates vs DoorDash here.

Order with DoorDash
Ordering food with DoorDash is very easy. When you already installed the app, you can start typing your city name in the homepage or by clicking on the neighborhood list under each city name. This process will let you know about the restaurants available near your area that are in partnership with the service as well as estimated delivery time, which are going to be updated when you check out depend on the size of your order.

After you found your preferred restaurant, click the icon to see what’s on their menu. After you pick the food, put the quantity and add it into cart. In this point, you can give special instruction, such as whether you want the food to be spicy or not or if you don’t want some ingredients added and so on. At this part you will also see the total price including the food price, local taxes, delivery tip, optional dashers tip, and a service fee. This service fee is formerly build into the menu but now it is separated to give more transparency.

About Ubereats
Ubereats probably the most well-known food delivery service today. Just like the name, this service is launched by Uber in 2014 and has since partnered up with numerous restaurants in many cities around the world. Just like many other similar services out there, you can use them through an app that can be downloaded for free. Their way of delivering food may vary from city to city, some people use their car, some may use bike, scooter or even on foot if the destination and restaurants not that far apart.

Ubereats Users and Revenue Sources
To make the business runs, Ubereats needs their user, restaurants and their delivery people. Their users may vary from people who just don’t want to step out of their house/office to buy food, those who can’t cook, or those who simply don’t have an access to kitchen.

Restaurants are gathered from those who don’t have their own delivery service, those who want to get more customer and restaurants that located in not strategic location or those who simply cook the food from home. The delivery people are mainly people who want a more flexible work or those who want job with good tipping.

Ubereats makes their revenue from 3 sources; the delivery fee from customers, revenue share from restaurant partners and advertising from those restaurant partners. The company placed a flat fee for any order that may change from time to time, another fee is placed at the peak hour such as dinner or lunch, which is why it will be more expensive when ordering at those hour. Some restaurants even disappear from the mechanism when these hours hit.

From the restaurants point, Ubereats will get two types of revenue; one from advertising where they put the restaurant to come up first in users searching and the latter is revenue share which may vary depending on the maturity of the market.

Order with Ubereats
To start ordering with Ubereats, you can start by downloading the free app and right in the homepage you can scroll through restaurants in your area. In case you are picking a restaurants that is not in the service coverage, you will be notified with a map to show you the boundary. Once you find your preferred restaurant, click the icon and choose the menu you want as well as the quantity.

After you are done, add the menu into the cart and enter a modifications if you want. Then the price for your order will be shown and if you agree, you can process to the next step and wait for your food to arrive.

Now, let’s compare DoorDash with Ubereats. From the coverage, Ubereats is leading by its availability in many countries while DoorDash only available in the US and Canada. When you track the food, Ubereats will show you a map showing the current movement while DoorDash use a progress bar. For the fee, it is mix because in DoorDash some restaurants are cheaper while some are also higher than Ubereats for unknown reason. Another difference is you can edit the delivery instruction even after the order is submitted with DoorDash.

DoorDash vs Ubereats

- Available in less countries- Available in many countries
- Shows delivery process with map- Shows delivery process with map
- Can deliver your grocery (Walmart Atlanta)- Don’t offer grocery delivery service
- Can edit delivery instruction after order is submitted- Only able to add instruction by calling the driver

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are equally great depend on your location. We recommend you to install both of their apps and compare the price before you place the order if you want to pick which one is cheaper.

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