Dynatrace vs New Relic

APM has never affordable from the start, even now APM is still hard to reach for most developers. APM is important, since it can measure and monitor your application performance, quickly identify the root cause of problems, and find a way to optimize the application performance. Since APM is expensive, most of its users are large enterprises. If you are currently looking for more affordable and dependable APM, read our article below, because we are going to compare two famous APM to see, which one offer more reasonable price. They are Dynatrace and New Relic.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Dynatrace and New relic
– What Dynatrace and New Relic can offer to you
– Dynatrace vs New Relic

About Dynatrace
Dynatrace is an application performance management or commonly shorten as APM software company that produce information technology for departments and digital business owners for both medium and large enterprises. Dynatrace provides services including performance management software for programs that running in the cloud or on-premises. Dynatrace APM is used to monitor and manage the performance and availability of software applications in an attempt to provide optimization for the customer experience. Dynatrace APM primary goal is to deliver great digital customer experience.

Dynatrace Ability
Dynatrace APM optimize digital user experience, so the user will understand how applications performance affect the business and enhance every single customer’s journey with actionable insight. Dynatrace is able to help developers testers and operations ensuring their application will work fast and reliable. Dynatrace is using its patented technology the PurePath Technology that will allow the user to trace every single transaction, such as web request, user interaction, batch jobs, and many more from end-to-end. Dynatrace also able to monitor the whole infrastructure and let you know if there are any problems in your applications and whether they are related to infrastructure web server, app server, database, app code or any other.

About New Relic
New Relic is and American originated software Analytics Company that based in San Francisco, California. New Relic offers 6 products that related to software analytics. They are New Relic APM, New Relic Infrastructure, New Relic Browser, New Relic Mobile, New Relic Synthetic, and New Relic Insight. Among those products, the most popular and widely used in the New Relic APM. New Relic APM promises is it will give the user with grouped views for quick diagnosis of domain level problem. This APM works by drilling down in specific requests to see performance by response time, throughput, and data transfer size. If you are interested on other APM, read our article on New Relic vs Appdynamics here.

New Relic Ability
New Relic APM is easy to set up and give real time instrumentation analytics, thanks to its SaaS model, so engineers can fix the problems, whether it is on premise or in the public cloud. It also have flexible instrumentation and dashboarding. New Relic APM is able to provide clear visibility into the end users experience through synthetic monitoring, real-user monitoring and mobile app performance analysis, which connect the front-end performance with server side performance.

Now let’s, compare New Relic and Dynatrace.
• In the ease of deployment, Dynatrace uses fully automated discovery, baselining and updates, both in SaaS and on-premise. While New Relic requires multiple agents and manual deployment and updates and SaaS only.
• In the problem identification and resolution, Dynatrace is using its artificial intelligent to identify problems, business impact and root cause. While New Relic only provide alerts and leaving troubleshooting to the user.
• In the scalability, Dynatrace is using Horizontal cluster architecture that scales to +100k hosts. While New Relic only using 5k hosts and no e2e visibility across large hybrid cloud apps.
• In the transaction visibility, Dynatrace cover every transaction end-to end for more effective troubleshooting, optimization and AI. While New Relic is limited due to sampling or snapshot approach.
• In the pricing, Dynatrace offer more affordable pricing, start from $0.30 per host per hour that will round up around $216 per host per month. While New Relic will cost you up to $600 per month, if the user don’t do annual contract.
• In the support community, Dynatrace does have a great community, but not as wide as New Relic.

Dynatrace vs New Relic

DynatraceNew Relic
- Provides troubleshooting with its own artificial intelligent- Only alerts the user and doesn’t provide troubleshooting
- Using Horizontal cluster with +100k hosts- Only using 5k hosts and has no exchange to exchange visibility across large hybrid cloud apps
- Offered in more affordable range of price compared to New Relic- Priced higher compared to Dynatrace
- The community support is not as wide as New Relic- Has better community support

All in all, the choice is still your to make. However in this article, we see that Dynatrace is better in lot more aspects than New Relic, so in our opinion Dynatrace is the better option here.

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