Hipchat vs Slack

People in this world are busy with various kinds of Instant messaging. Instant messaging is the application that able to use from anywhere with anyone. That is the reason you and your team keep get in touch to informed and interacting, and also to find any bit of information that’s ever been shared. That’s quite a promise and guaranteed. Now, all that’s left to do is finding the right app that can meet you and your team need. But first, you have to consider which app that contains perfect combination of features to beneficial your team in changing the information. There are two most familiar apps that usually used by people in the world, they are Hipchat and Slack. Let see the detail comparisons between Hipchat and Slack below to consider which one is better for you.

What is Hipchat?
HipChat is a Web service for private chat and instant messaging. As a nonprofit application, HipChat generously presents to us about its tool that used to create work teams and improve communications among the people in the world. Same as one-on-one and group chat, it also has several features e.g. server based in file storage, video calling, searchable message history and inline image viewing. HipChat is available to be downloaded into your computers and also available in Windows, Mac or Linux, Android, iOS, smartphones and so on.

What is the type of Hipchat?
Instant messaging like Hipchat definitely offers many features. These features aim to attract the users to use app. HipChat actually offers a free edition in the first very beginning. After that, they made two paid editions of their platform. Hipchat provides a lot of feature such as :
1. HipChat Plus, is one part of Hipchat that offers hybrid implementation, adds built-in video chat and screen-sharing
2. HipChat Server, is needed when you want to sync your own server for compliance or security reasons. In addition, Hipchat server allows the users to add on-premise hosting, a data importer, active directory support, and enterprise-grade security.

What is Slack?
Slack is a messaging app that combine all your message together in one place. It provides real-time messaging, archiving and search for new teams. Slack is founded by Stewart Butterfly in the end of 2012. This app is a team collaboration tool that grow from online multiplayer game. In two years of their work, they can achieve a $1 billion valuation. In term of 24 hours of its 2013, they have over than 8,000 customers that signed up for Slack. That number has growth to 30,000+ today. (Read also : Slack vs Discord)

What is the type of Slack?
Slack offers a number of different ways for groups and users from different teams to have communication. When the users want to send a direct message, they can search directly for the user’s name, select users to add them to a conversation, and start to chat. Slack’s product is fairly developed. There are three types of product and these products cloud-based with various levels of features in every edition. You’ll see that they also offer a free edition for small teams. However, the free edition does not include user groups, custom retention policies, or group calls, and limits you to 10,000 messages. These are three types of product that already mentioned above;
1. Standard: you will have several features such as adds user groups, custom storage policies, integrations and messages.
2. Plus: this type provide the users to add compliance exports, user provisioning, and 99.99 percent uptime guarantee.
3. Enterprise: this is a high-class type of slack that offer the easy way to add unified team directory, combination across teams, company-wide reporting and analytics, and the last to consolidated billing.

What is the price of both products?
Both applications are actually free, but with limited type and feature. Prices that is pegged by Hipchat is started from $0 with $ 5 per month. While the cost of slack is more expensive rather than Hipchat. This is because slack has various types also and also some good performance. Prices from slack from 0 rupiah up to $ 7 per month.

As you can see above, both messaging platforms are incredibly alike. Both apps offer instant messaging, file sharing, and collaboration tools.In this case, Hipchat may be the stronger choice for small size of group that only need the basic instant messaging feature. Hipchat also cheaper rather than Slack. But if you are in big size of a team you may need Slack that has complete types and features, for example the larger storage space. Moreover, Both systems offer desktop and mobile apps for Windows, Mac, PC, iOS, and Android operating systems.

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