Homeaway vs Airbnb

Plenty choice of people in spending their holidays, Some may spending their holidays with various plan to stay at home and some are choosing to travel to the best places that they may never have visited. The need for temporary accommodation for these travelers has become a livelihood for the owners of “home unemployed” lately. Do you interesting to feel the atmosphere of home while you do travelling? Airbnb and HomeAway are the answer for this kind of traveler.

Actually there are a lot of home-rental website that provide the accommodation to stay, but both sites are the most widely used and become a reverence for the ‘guest’ to find temporary home. Both two site also have their own domain. In Indonesia we can find .co.id as the domain for Indonesian who wants to book the accommodation. In doing this comparison, I only compare these two sites in the aspect of number of users and the display on desktop .

Number of Users
Airbnb is a site for people in finding, registering and renting a lodging. Airbnb already has more than 1,500,000 residential lists of 34000 cities and 190 countries. Founded in August 2008 and headquartered in San Francisco, California. It’s owned and operated by Airbnb Inc. in March 2015. Airbnb has grown and become a company that worth as much as $ 20 billion. Airbnb is an online marketplace for holiday deals connecting users who own properties for rent to the users who is looking for a place to stay. The user is categorized as “Host” and the “Guest” for renters.

While HomeAway is also website that provide accommodation in lodging but with different founder, HomeAway, Inc. It is a market place for holiday deals with over 1,000,000 homes rented in 190 countries and has 1588 employees. HomeAway has been operated through 40 websites in 22 languages on December 31, 2014. The company provides the most complete rentals for families and groups to find accommodations like cabins, condo, castles, villas, barns and farmhouses. Founded in February 2005 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, the company has become a public company in 2011. On November 4, 2015, Expedia, Inc. announced the passion to buy HomeAway.

Display on Desktop
The second review is about the display that appear on their website. Both website is actually quite similar especially in the Heading and Search sections. Most differences on the look of their website is the Airbnb header is a video that show various place to choose while HomeAway is provide a big regular image and luxury image of some destinations. Of course the Airbnb looks more interesting plus the video shown a real place and beautiful nature that make us so excited to do traveling. But the lack of Airbnb is visitors who use the quotas will run out quickly rather than the user who use HomeAway site. For Airbnb display has no difference whether it is in the real domain or in Indonesian domain, whereas at HomeAway the view slightly less crowded rather than main domain .com. In Airbnb, the site only offer the accommodation for stay, while HomeAway provides many kinds of accommodation such as hotel, villa, condo, etc.

In term of conclusion, we can conclude that if you want to try to look the real image, the good quality of your booking you can just open the Airbnb site. That side shows to the user the noticeable place, facilities, and the environment around. That’s why the writer think it is good for you-the people who newly try the website for booking- to open the Airbnb rather than HomeAway. You don’t have to worry because Airbnb provide the deep information toward the place. However, if you don’t have a lot of quotas, just find you destination and accommodation for lodging in HomeAway, because they offer a simplistic website that can easily to use.

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