Hotjar vs Lucky Orange

For your website’s success, you need to ensure that your content really suits your visitors. Getting lots of visitors won’t give you much of a benefit if most of them leave within a few seconds. Tools like Hotjar vs Lucky Orange can help you optimize your website by showing important optimization metrics, such as bounce rates, conversion rates, and heatmaps.

So, between these two tools, which one is better? Below, we will discuss further about:
– The capabilities and benefits of Hotjar and Lucky Orange
– The distinctive features of Hotjar and Lucky Orange
– The pricing of Hotjar vs Lucky Orange
– Which tool that is generally more recommended for you

About Hotjar
More often than not, you need to capture both the identity and the activity of your website’s visitors in order to create accurate adjustments. And you often need to use different tools to capture those things. But not with Hotjar. This tool can capture both the identity and the activity of the visitors while tracking various optimization metrics, so everything can run smoothly and effortlessly.

Many companies have used Hotjar as an evaluation tool for analyzing their websites’s advantages and disadvantages. Hotjar can tell you the actions of your website’s guests, such as clicking, reading as indicated by idleness, scrolling, etc. It can also gather opinions from the visitors through studies, varieties, and tests. There are also powerful tools for examining the website’s performance.

The heatmaps are very sophisticated. The heatmaps can show you the places in your website that receive more clicks and attention. Hotjar can also record cursor activities of a specific visitor on a particular webpage. The recording will show you the spots in the full webpage that intrigue the visitor the most. There is also a feature called the conversion funnel, which monitors the webpages on which most visitors lose their attention.

Hotjar is also useful because it can improve forms on your webpages by determining domains that trouble people who would like to contact you. Compared to Lucky Orange, Hotjar is newer. The user interface feels fresher and more modern. And Hotjar has a free version that can already collect data from 2,000 visitors and store them for a year, designed for students and enthusiasts.

About Lucky Orange
Lucky Orange has been around for quite a long time. This old yet powerful tool produces video recordings of the visitors that interact with your website. The capabilities include real-time visitor analysis, heatmap visualization, visitor polling, and live chat.

The video recording feature is one of the main reasons of Lucky Orange’s popularity. Lucky Orange can capture the viewport of a visitor on the website. By recording the viewport, you can see the mouse movements, clicks, and idle times spent for reading.

In addition, the recording also includes metrics such as the total time spent on the website, number of viewed webpages, browser and OS information, as well as other parameters. By evaluating such information, you can improve the shortcomings on the individual webpages and improve the visitor interactions.

Another great feature is the live chat. By initiating a chat with a visitor, you can get deeper insights for improvements. For example, if a visitor has spent a significant amount of time on a product but does not convert, you can start a chat to find out why they don’t buy the product.

Unfortunately, Lucky Orange does not have any free version. The user interface looks a little old and outdated. The built-in live chat is nice, but it is not an absolute necessity because you can just use a separate tool that dedicated for live chat.

Hotjar vs Lucky Orange

HotjarLucky Orange
- Modern and intuitive user interface- The user interface looks a little outdated
- Has heatmaps, optimization metrics, and the conversion funnel- Has heatmaps, recordings, optimization metrics
- No live chat- Built-in live chat
- Has a free version- No free version

In general, Hotjar is more recommended. It gives a better value for the money. It has a more modern interface, and the feature set is also great. It has a free version, which is very nice for beginners and new websites.

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