Jira Service Desk vs Zendesk

Jira Service Desk and Zendesk are both popular help desk solutions, but they are not really similar. They do have different benefits and limitations, so they are suitable for different needs. See the comparisons between Jira Service Desk vs Zendesk below to determine which one is suitable for your business.

About Jira Service Desk
So, what is Jira Service Desk? Jira Service Desk can be described as a full-featured service desk platform for IT service management and customer service. It is often utilized by IT teams to deliver end-to-end services to customers. This, in effect, will contribute to better strategic approaches that are aligned with their business needs, goals, and objectives.

Since it is developed on the Jira platform, it indeed works seamlessly with other Jira software services. This is a big benefit for a company that has been using Jira’s products and services extensively. The embedded widgets will allow faster responses to customers, as they come with contextual assistance and features. It will also efficiently resolve bug issues.

Jira Service Desk has ITIL-compliant features, which may be vital for some companies. The key features include automation tools, metrics reports, real-time collaboration, SLA deliveries, and mobile platforms. It has been used by various enterprises for managing software bugs and as a primary issue tracking tool.

Jira Service Desk provides several pricing options for different needs. To begin with, it offers a 7-day trial for the Cloud version and a 30-day trial for the Server version. The whole software is fully functional and usable during the trial period, giving you a good and complete idea of the platform. Then, if you choose the cloud-hosted service desk, you may choose the Small Teams subscription ($10 per month for up to 3 agents) or Growing Teams subscription ($20 per agent per month for up to 15 agents). For more than 16 agents, you should use the software’s built-in calculator to compute the cost.

If you choose the on-premise solution, there are two options: Server and Data Center. The Server plan starts at $10 for three agents as a one-time payment, depending on the features and number of agents. It supports up to 250 agents. Meanwhile, the Data Center plan starts at $12,000 per year for 50 agents, supporting up to 15,000 agents.

Benefits and Advantages of Jira Service Desk
There are several unique advantages of Jira Service Desk vs Zendesk. First of all, if you are looking for an ITIL-certified service desk, Jira Service Desk is a better choice. It has been certified by PinkVERIFY to support the ITIL framework. Hence, you will find it easier to use for handling SLAs as well as change, incident, problem, and service request management.

The second advantage of Jira Service Desk is that it is suitable for a large-scale business. It has the needed features and capabilities for running a large-scale customer support or bug management platform. In addition, it provides the choices to run the service on the cloud or on-premise.

The fully functional trial is also a nice benefit. If you are not sure whether Jira Service Desk is a suitable choice for your business, you can try it first in the trial period. The trial has no limitation, so you can have a clear picture of the service.

Disadvantages of Jira Service Desk
However, there are also some disadvantages of Jira Service Desk vs Zendesk. First of all, Jira Service Desk does not have an integrated knowledge base. In order to have a knowledge base, you have to use a different service, such as Atlassian Confluence. In fact, Jira Service Desk comes with an Atlassian Confluence integration so that you can use it to build the knowledge base.

The second disadvantage of Jira Service Desk is that it lacks social media capabilities. It is heavily focused on the ITIL framework, which does not seem to care about social media. This may be a problem for a modern business. Most businesses nowadays have started to utilize social media channels for customer service.

Finally, Atlassian Cloud does not support multiple domains, sub-domains, and domain aliases in Google Apps. As the effect, if your Google Apps account is associated with more than one domain, you will not be able to sync them all to Atlassian Cloud. Only users on your primary domain are synced to the platform.

About Zendesk
Zendesk is quite different from Jira Service Desk. Zendesk is a cloud-hosted help desk solution that is more focused on customer service capabilities. It is a suite of support apps that can greatly help your IT support and customer service departments. It consists of multiple modules which you can upgrade separately: support, chat, call center solution, and knowledge base. It also has a powerful ticketing system and community forums. (Read also : Zendesk vs Freshdesk)

Zendesk is often preferred due to the powerful ticketing system, but it is a lot more than just a help desk. In a sense, it does cross over to CRM because it also allows you to manage and organize workflows, processes, and the tracking of customer engagement. To fully leverage the CRM benefits, Zendesk supports integrations with popular services such as Zoho CRM and HubSpot. The built-in analytics and reports will help you turn huge support data into market insights, leads, and opportunities.

Zendesk’s flexible plan structures make it ideal for business of any size. Startups and small businesses can start with the most basic version. You can upgrade individual modules later depending on your business’s needs. You can also upgrade to get more advanced tools such as web SDK, CSAT surveys, IVR phone trees, and answer bots as your business grows and gets more complex.

Nevertheless, there are also five conventional pricing plans: Essential ($5 per agent per month), Team ($19 per agent per month), Professional ($49 per agent per month), Enterprise ($99 per agent per month), and Elite ($199 per agent per month). They vary by features and capabilities. Machine learning becomes available in the Enterprise subscription, whereas the Elite subscription offers advanced security, unlimited agents, a data center, and 99.9% uptime SLA.

Benefits and Advantages of Zendesk
When choosing between Jira Service Desk vs Zendesk, there are several unique advantages of Zendesk that may be useful for you. First of all, it is able to fulfill the things that most businesses need in the customer service department. And it does the job very well. The ticketing system is great. Unlike Jira Service Desk, Zendesk has a built-in knowledge base. It even has live chat and community forums where your customers can reach out for support. The more advanced analytics may be useful for large enterprises.

Furthermore, Zendesk has great social media capabilities. The tickets can be raised through multiple channels, including live chat, email, in-app support, telephone, web page, and social media websites. This may be a great benefit, depending on your business’s nature. Modern businesses nowadays have started utilizing social media for customer service.

Finally, Zendesk has lots of integrations. You can integrate it with almost any app or service that your business uses. In addition, Zendesk comes with a powerful API, so your IT department can build customized integrations that seamlessly match your business needs.

Disadvantages of Zendesk
One disadvantage of Zendesk is that it does not support the entire ITIL framework. Well, it does allow you to raise problems, so you have some flexibility over the deployment and utilization. However, if your business needs to be entirely ITIL-compliant, Zendesk is probably not the best choice.

Secondly, Zendesk is a little more expensive than its competitors. For the features and capabilities, it does worth the premium price. However, make sure that you actually get the things that you need, instead of spending money for things that you never use.

Jira Service DeskZendesk
- Especially great for bug/issue tracking and contextual support- Great for customer support, driving and analyzing customer interaction
- Cloud hosted or on-premise installation- Cloud hosted
- ITIL-compliant features- Not ITIL-compliant
- No social media capabilities- Social media support
- Seamless JIRA integration- Built-in knowledge base, community forums, reports and analytics

Jira Service Desk is an amazing tool for product managers and developer teams. You should choose Jira Service Desk if you need the ITIL-compliant features, bug/issue tracking capabilities, or if you prefer on-premise installation. On the other hand, Zendesk should be your choice if you need a help desk solution that is focused on customer service and support. Zendesk has the tools to drive and analyze customer interaction, including social media capabilities.

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