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Social media has been a tool for many business owner to market their product, to engage with their customer or even a place to find an inspiration to create a product. Business owner usually have more than 1 account since there are so many platforms out there and most are free to use, you only have to prepare the content. In today Later vs Hootsuite article we are going to compare these two tool to give you more information about what you can expect from them.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Later and Hootsuite
– Later and Hootsuite Subscription Cost
– What Later and Hootsuite can offer to you
– Later vs Hootsuite

About Later
Later is best known as Instagram Scheduler but this tool is actually can works with other platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. This tool may not as famous as Hootsuite, Buffer, or Meet Edgar but it is slowly gaining more and more users every day. Just like what you can expect from a social media scheduler, the main function of the tool is to make a schedule to post your content, so you don’t have to always stay behind the screen updating it for you can do it in one go.

Later Pricing
This tool is great for small to medium business users or those who are doing E-commerce. For a personal use, you can use the tool for free forever, but of course you will be limited to only 1 account per platform and you can’t post any videos. The paid version is divided into 4 levels, one for individual and the rest for business. It starts at $9 per month for 1 account per platform and more posts limit until $49 per month for 5 account per platforms with 5 users as well as unlimited posts.

Later Abilities
As it has been mentioned earlier, Later can be used for other platforms but it is still Instagram centered, which means it is optimized for Instagram. The best thing about the tool is the scheduler. You basically can plan a week of your posts in just 20 minutes with its intuitive and easy to use menu, so you can get used to it pretty quickly and save more time to do more important things.

It used drag and drop method to arrange the posts, so you will know how all the posts will look like even before you launched the schedule. If you pick the business subscription, you will also be able to enjoy Auto Publish feature. Not only limited pictures, if you pick the paid subscription, you can put videos in your schedule and sync them from anywhere whether it is from your phone, desktop, Google Drive or even Dropbox. To stay organized and ease you when looking for a post, you can put label on each of them.

Another important thing to consider when using a social media management is the analytical function. Later provide Instagram analytics to show you about your current progress, so you will know what’s working and what’s not. It gives you a report about when is your best time to post as well as performance report about likes, followers, and clicks.

About Hootsuite
Hootsuite is a well-known name in this social media management field or probably the most popular one. The tool has been around for quite some time now and taken as one of the most powerful tools for both small and medium sized business. It comes with numerous features or capabilities to make your scheduling posts into social media a breeze. With the rich features it also not as easy to use as simpler tools out there, but if you are willing to spare some time to learn the curve, you can optimize the tool. Read also: Meet Edgar vs Hootsuite here.

Hootsuite Price
One of the best thing with Hootsuite is it can be used for free but with some limitations, such as limited to only 3 accounts. The paid versions are divided into 4 level of subscriptions for those who need it for their business. The professional start at $19 per month with 10 social accounts and 1 user while the most expensive is Business level at $599 that will allow you to use it with 35 accounts and 5 users as well as richer abilities.

Hootsuite Capabilities
Just like what you can do with other social media management, Hootsuite is great way to schedule your posts to make your account will active 24/7. You may cut more time by doing it all at once in CSV format. The content calendar will also let you preview your posts to get a clear overview of all your social media schedule that can be displayed daily, weekly or monthly. There is a mobile app to keep you in touch when on the go.

To make content curation easier, Hootsuite has content library to organize all of the content your team can post and with the tagging, searching or stats, curating will be even easier process to do. With Hootlet extension in browser, you can insert a post to your schedule even without logging in to your account. To keep in what the crowd is talking about, you can search using a keyword, hashtag, and location in multiple languages.

The easiest way to know about your performance is by number, Hootsuite offer you an overview to see the activity across you social media, so you can track trends and measure growth. you may build unlimited reports by creating customized analytics dashboards or use the tool templates to learn more about how your follower engage with the content.

Now, let’s compare Later with Hootsuite. Both of them are great for different people because we know that Later is focusing on Instagram while Hootsuite covers more than just one platform. Even though Later can be used with other platforms, the best features only available in Instagram. At the other hand Hootsuite treat all of the supported platforms almost equally.

Later vs Hootsuite

- Instagram optimized- Optimized for all supported platforms
- Supports Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest- Supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram
- More affordable- Less affordable
- Less features than Hootsuite- Richer in features than Later

All in all, the decision is all your to make. In our opinion, you should pick the tool base on your needs. If you are often using Instagram or your main account is in Instagram, picking Later is the best option here. Not only it is optimized for the platform, it is also more affordable than Hootsuite. But, if your main account is placed outside Instagram or just simply want to cover accounts across platforms, Hootsuite is the one to go.

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