Lyft vs Uber

The movements of goods or people from one place to other place using machine or vehicle is called transportation. All people in this world is common with the term of transportation, because people always use this in their daily life. Some transportation’s functions including the following; to facilitate human activities in everyday life, to expedite the flow of goods and the flow of man, to support the development in an area and to support economic development with transportation services.

Transportation is divided into two side, they are public transportation and private transportation. Public transportation was existed since the old era until now and nowadays private transportation that also known as online transportation is on the rise. This is proved by more users and more drivers that join to this online company. There are some online company that provide the application of online transportation take for example Grabbike, GrabTaxi, Uber. Today the world is busy with the increasingly of two popular applications, they are Lyft and Uber. In this complete article, I will show you the distinction and similar point about both application.

The Distinction thing that differentiate Lyft and Uber
Lyft is an online application of transportation. Lyft is the company that cooperated with Grab. In Indonesia, people don’t know if you are mentioning “Lyft” because the most popular one is “Grab”. The Grab Company announced it in the first time in America and used an application-based transport service that available in the United States (US). So that, users can use the Grab app to use the Lyft service or vice versa. This means that users only need to install one of the applications to be able to get service from Grab or Lyft.

While Uber is also an online application which became the first company in developing online business in transportation. Uber is the most popular application that has 4 million people as the users and drivers in whole countries of the world. (See also : Uber vs UberX)

The features
Both of online transportation of course have the main feature to pick up and to drop off the passenger or customer. Beside pickup and drop off features, both of them have different feature in their application. For example in Lyft, the application only provide two feature to pick and drop off the customers and also to call the drivers. Whereas, Uber has more complete features, for instance to order food and drink, tip-sharing, chatting and calling the drivers directly from application, and UberMotor.

The available
How can you use online transport if it is not available in your country? Yes. This problem is involving Lyft as the limited use. Lyft only available in some cities in the world, it’s about 30 cities that currently can use this application. In Indonesia, you cannot download the Lyft application, you have to use Grab because both application have cooperated. While Uber is already available in the very first beginning of online transportation.

Online transport is already very popular around the world. This is due under the reason of the ease, speed, and savings factors. Therefore, in 2016 until now there was a surge in the number of online transport drivers that resulted in a shift in profits on conventional taxi. More and more, online transport is also confusing passengers to choose which application is better. Lyft and Uber are two applications that are both widely used passengers. However, Uber more dominates the market. This is because the brand is already well-known and features are very complete. While in Lyft, availability and features are very limited.

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