Mapbox vs Google Maps

Mapbox and Google Maps are both online map providers. Even though both are great and rich in capabilities on providing customize maps for websites, they also compared to decide which one is better than other. If you are curious about their capabilities, go ahead and read our article below, because we are going to give you brief information regarding both.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Mapbox and Google Maps
– What Mapbox and Google Maps can offer to you
– Mapbox vs Google Maps

About Mapbox
Mapbox is a company that provide service of custom online maps for website and applications. The company has many famous customers including Evernote, Foursquare, Lonely Planet, The Weather Channel, The Financial Times and Snapchat. Mapbox has been continuously expanding since 2010 for custom maps as a response for the lack of choice offered by other provider, such as Google Maps. The company took data from open data source, such as NASA and OpenStreetMap and from proprietary source like DigitalGlobe. Mapbox is using technology based on CouchDB, Node.js, Mapnik, Leafletjs, and GDAL. They also identifying missing data in OpenStreetMap with automatic methods by collecting data from their client’s users, such as Strava and Runkeeper, then manually applies the fixes or reports the issue to OpenStreetMap contributors.

Mapbox Features
With Mapbox Studio, there is no need for coding and it is all online with clear interface. You will find the menu in the left of the interface; these menus will let you select a base map and add layers of data from various open source providers, but you also may upload your own dataset. You also can decide which features may appears in different zoom levels and the slider bars will allow you to customize colors, line widths, etc. There is also an interesting feature called the “x-ray mode” that will turns the map black to let you explore different kinds of data in dataset and decide which to include or leave.

About Google Maps
Google Maps is a web mapping service that offers it users satellite imagery, street maps, real time traffic conditions, panoramic views of street, and route planning for travelling with car, bicycle, foot as well as public transportation. In June 2005 Google release Google Maps API to allow developers integrate their websites with Google Maps. Google offer free version if your website is publicly accessible and does not charge for access as well as not generating more than 25.000 map access a day, but if your site doesn’t not fit the requirements, you have to purchase the Google Maps API for business.

Google Maps Features
When using Google Map in your website, you will need at least some knowledge about HTML and CSS, as well as JavaScript to customize maps with your own content and imagery. This customization including creating your map with a marker, visualizing data like location of earthquakes and their magnitude, and you may add marker clusters to display a large number of markers on your map. There are also services called Geocoding, which let you convert addresses like street address into geographic coordinates like altitude and longitude to place your markers in the map, and Reverse Geocoding, which will let you converting geographic coordinates into human-readable address.

Now, let’s compare Mapbox with Google Maps. Both providers offer free version and paid version. If Mapbox free version limit to 50.000 map view per month, Google Map free version limit to 25.000 views per day that will count up to 750.000 per month. In the ease of use, Mapbox offer Mapbox Studio to ease the process of customizing your map, while with Google Maps, you have to have some knowledge on CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Mapbox vs Google Maps

MapboxGoogle Maps
- Free version limit to 50.000 map views per month- Free version limit to 25.000 map views per day
- Have Mapbox Studio to ease customers customizing their maps- To customize maps, clients must have some knowledge on code
- Pricier than Google Maps- Is more affordable option than Mapbox

All in all, the choice is all yours. Both provide free version, so if you are not sure yet, which to choose, you can try them for free and see which suit your need. In our opinion Mapbox is better, since they make it easier for their client to customize maps with their Mapbox Studio.

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