Meet Edgar vs Hootsuite

Social Media Management tools have been sprouting here and there for these last several years. Their capabilities are ranging from simpler and easy to use to rich in features but will need more time to get used to. In today Meet Edgar vs Hootsuite article, we will try to compare both of these popular tools to give you more information regarding what you can expect from them. If you are currently looking for a suitable one or interested in these tools, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Meet Edgar and Hootsuite
– Meet Edgar and Hootsuite Subscription Cost
– What Meet Edgar and Hootsuite can offer to you
– Meet Edgar vs Hootsuite

About Meet Edgar
Just like Meet Edgar stated at their site, this tool is new kid on the block if compared to other older players like Hootsuite or Buffer. Just like what you can expect from a social media management, this tool can automate content, re-sharing and overall optimize your social traffic. The main intention is to help all small business owner out there to manage their social media account without feeling the need to hire a content manager. It can works with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Meet Edgar Pricing
Just like we mentioned earlier, Meet Edgar is designed for business owner or similar people who want to manage their social media, so the main intention is indeed for small business. They currently don’t offer free version of the tool but you can have 1 month free trial before continue to the paid subscription. To use the tool you need to pay $49 per month or choose yearly billing. This subscription covers 25 social media accounts, unlimited library, and assistance.

Meet Edgar Features
Just like any social media management tools out there, Meet Edgar is used to schedule your posts into your social media. It lets you schedule you posting and automate the post, so you don’t have to do it often and can spare much time doing other important things. You can make the schedule by uploading and updating to Edgar, which then saved in your library according to what type of update it is. Read also: Buffer vs Hootsuite here.

The scheduling processed as you decide what types of updates and the times. It is pretty simple to use and won’t take long to make you get used to it. By continuously posting your content in your social media accounts, the traffic will also be increased. Besides posting, you can keep your page fresh with auto-expiring content, so just in case there is any specific or one time promos, it will be gone when the date expired.

Other features Meet Edgar offers are color-coded categories to make your schedule look neater. You may able to create a library updates from many sources, such as RSS feeds from your favorite site. It has smart content composer that sorts and organizes them automatically to let you create a variety to your posts. Another feature is it able to shorten and track clicks; you may use Edgar or Bitly or Rebrandly.

As you already know, Meet Edgar only works with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn at the moment. However, the company will works with Instagram and Pinterest in the future. There is no clear date yet, but let’s hope it will be soon.

About Hootsuite
Hootsuite is probably the most well-known/popular social media management today. Being in the market for many years when similar tool still very limited makes it already very familiar with their users need. There is no doubt that this tool is very powerful and suitable for businesses from small to middle range. Its powerful feature is supported by the analytical tool that those small-medium business owners might need to keep track to improve performance. Being rich in features indeed make this tool favorable but it also require more time to learn the curve.

Hootsuite Pricing
You may use Hootsuite for free but you will be limited to only 3 social accounts. The paid version is available in 4 levels start from Professional that offer 10 social accounts in $19 per month, Team for 20 accounts and 3 users at $99 per month, Business with 35 accounts and 5 users at $599 per month, and custom solutions with adjusted price. All of the paid version has analytical capability but the power depend on your level of subscription.

Hootsuite Features
Just like what you can expect from a social media management tool, Hootsuite can be used to automate your posting by making a schedule, so you can keep posting without actually doing it. You may create the schedule in a bulk to save more time and keep in contact with the scheduling even when far from your desk with the mobile app. To make things easier for you, you can create content as you surf the web with browser extension.

If you use Hootsuite with a team, the list of posts that need approval may be long. The tool help you save more time by providing shared content library, so things like tagging, searching, and usage stats to curate the content will be easier. To keep in what people are talking about your brand, the monitoring filters will find and filter social conversation even those in different language.

To improve what you are doing, looking at numbers and graphs are important because they can easily shows your performance. Hootsuite provide an overview to your social accounts key metrics, such as the tweets count, followers, engagement, etc. using the tool template, you can create customized analytics dashboards to know about how your followers engage with your content.

Now, let’s compare Meet Edgar with Hootsuite. Meet Edgar has this feature called unlimited content library which will pulls content from your library that you can build over time, so you won’t run out of message in your queue while Hootsuite currently don’t have this ability. Hootsuite has this analytical ability that will show you your performance as well as integrations to other apps to expand your analytics toolbox, which is currently not available in Meet Edgar.

Another difference is Meet Edgar still works with only 3 social media while Hootsuite added those amount wit YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Meet Edgar vs Hootsuite

Meet EdgarHootsuite
- Single paid subscription- Multi-level paid subscription
- Simpler- More complicated
- Has unlimited content library- Has analytics/report feature
- Works with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn- Works with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest

All in all the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, you should pick based on what you need the most. If you need a simpler tool and have no interest on its analytical side, Meet Edgar is a great tool to opt. However for those who works with team and need unlimited analytics/reports, Hootsuite is the one to go.

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