New Relic vs Datadog

New Relic and Datadog are often compared to see which one is better, until now New Relic still being the most popular APM out there, if you are interested on knowing more about them or can’t decide which to choose, let us help you with our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is New Relic and Datadog
– What New Relic and Datadog can offer to you
– New Relic vs Datadog

About New Relic
New Relic in this article is an application performance manager by the New Relic Company, which is an American originated software analytic company and based in San Francisco, California. This analytic software is able to delivers real-time and trending data about your web application performance and will show you the level of your user satisfaction meter that is experienced by them.

New Relic application performance monitoring will visualize your data, down to the deepest lever with its end to end transaction tracing and variety color coded charts and reports. With this software, your development and operations teams will not need to guess whether a performance blocker comes from the app itself, database loads, CPU ability, or something that is entirely unexpected. New Relic APM product claims is with it you can identify potential problems before they affect end user and fastening the process.

New Relic Features
New Relic APM claims to be very easy to use and user friendly, you can examine relationships across different aspects of your environment by using the Overview page. For example, the web transactions response time, this is to see where the most time is being spent, whether in the request queue, from external services, in different stages of page rendering end execution, from external service or in something else. The transaction traces, is showing which transaction are the slowest and the reason. Error rate and throughput is to showing what relationship between spike errors or slower throughput in period or particular time. Hosts, is to see what kind of impact it has on CPU usage, memory and others. Apdex, is showing the effect of these events to customer’s satisfaction.

About Datadog
Datadog is monitoring service for cloud scale applications by the same name company, founded in 2010 in New York, but also has additional offices in London, Dublin, and research development in Paris. Datadog capable of gathering data from servers, database, tools, and services to present its users a unified view of an entire stack. This capabilities of Datadog are provided to its user on Saas-based data analytic platform.

Datadog Features
Datadog offer its users an APM that will show a deep insight into the application’s performance based on the automatically generated dashboards monitoring key metrics like latency and request volume to detailed traces of individual requests, all of them side by side altogether with the infrastructure monitoring and logs. Datadog will helps developers and operations team to see their full infrastructure, such as services, app, cloud, metrics, and more including real-time interactive dashboards that can be customized as the teams preferred and needs. It also has full-text search capabilities for metric and events, sharing and discuss tools so the teams will be able to communicate and collaborate using the insight they found, targeted alerts for critical issues and API access when need to accommodate unique infrastructures.

Now let’s compare both of New Relic and Datadog features:
– From the capability set, both of them seems to provide a streamline dashboard. However Datadog is better in infrastructure monitoring and metrics logs, while New Relic is better for monitoring applications.
– Both of them also easy to use, but Datadog requires some command line scripting for its Windows/Mac installs and sometimes this setup tend to be problematic. However they may improve this and it will not be a problem again later in the future.
– In community support, both of them also have an active communities.
– From the price, New Relic cost about $75 per host per month and Datadog lowest price is $15 per host per month.

New Relic vs Datadog

New RelicDatadog
- Is better for monitoring applications- Is better in infrastructure monitoring and metrics logs
- Available in wider devices- Available in narrower range of devices
- Cost higher than Datadog- Cost more affordable than New Relic used as reverse proxy, load balancer and HTTP cache

From those comparison, you may already set your choice, whether New Relic or Datadog, they provide great services with active supports. However, in this article, we will recommend you the more affordable Datadog.

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