Postmates vs DoorDash

There are times when we are too busy, too lazy or somehow just can’t get out of the house to buy or deliver something. To overcome this issue, you can ask delivery service to help you buy something from your preferred places. Among those many delivery service providers out there, today we are going to talk about two of them and it is likely you are already familiar with them. They are Postmates and DoorDash, if you want to know more about them, go ahead and read our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Postmates and DoorDash
– How to Use Postmates and DoorDash
– Postmates vs DoorDash

About Postmates
Postmates is a California based company that provide delivery services and employed couriers to deliver goods locally around particular area or neighborhood. The company was founded not long ago in 2011 by Sam Street, Sean Plaice, and Bastian Lehmann. The way Postmates works is very similar to Uber, Lyft and, because they use mobile phones to receive orders and dispatch delivery drivers. The company operates in more than 100 cities in the United States by 2015. The co-founder said that Postmates is in the opposite side as Amazon, since instead of building warehouse outside a city, they choose to make the city their warehouse with all the inventories and fleet of delivery people to distributes the inventories.

How to Use Postmates
Postmates is practically easy to use, you can deliver or buy things with their service, but we are only going to give example on how you order food with the app. First, you have to select the restaurant where you want to order. The restaurants are divided by location, type of cuisine and similar categories or you can simply input the restaurant name. Second, you can choose the food from the menus and you may custom your order as you preferred. Third, you have to confirm the order after it is summarized and estimate price is given. Fourth, after you confirm your order, you can track it to see the current location of your food while being delivered by your driver.

About DoorDash
DoorDash is the newest delivery services that will help you to get food from area restaurants that have no delivery service. The company established recently in 2013 by Stanford students Andy Fang, Stanley Tang, Tony Xu, and Evan Moore, which is backed by Y Combinator. The service was first launched in San Francisco and have been expanding rapidly since. Currently, the company is operating in more than 600 cities across North America. Doordash recently raised $535 million in Series D round led by SoftBank Group, with participation from current investors like Sequoia Capital, GIC, and Wellcome Trust.

How to use DoorDash
Doordash is very easy to use and works the same way as Postmates, we have talked above. First, you have to select the restaurant where you want to order food from; you can search is based on location or by tapping the restaurant name. Second, you can choose the food/beverages from the menu of your chosen restaurant; many may allow you to modify their menus to suit your taste and you can order custom menu via Doordash too. Fourth, confirm your order on the checkout page. Fifth, now you only have to wait for your order to arrive.

Now, let’s compare Postmates with Doordash. Both of them are on-demand delivery services, work in the same way and their app is also equally easy to use for customer. So, instead of comparing them from the customer side, we are going to try seeing them from the driver’s side. First, DoorDash have scheduling feature for drivers, so they can schedule their availability in chosen slots in regions of their choice while this feature is not available in Postmates. Second, the heat map; both services have hot map to show busiest areas, but Postmates shows better visual and detailed heat map.

Postmates vs DoorDash

- Launched earlier than DoorDash- Launched later than Postmates
- Consumers can place the tip after the order is delivered- Consumers have to place the tip along with the order
- Doesn’t have schedule feature for the driver- Have the schedule feature 6 days ahead

All in all, both ifthem end up in the same level. Some users or drivers may have better experience with one of them and some may not. In our opinion, both are the same but we do prefer Postmates because you can place the tip after the driver delivered your order and not before like DoorDash.

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