Prezi s Powerpoint

For quite a long time, Powerpoint has been the favorite of most people for presentation. This tried-and-true Microsoft app offers various advantages, and it is indeed very user-friendly. However, there is another presentation app that has become quite popular, Prezi. In this article, we will see the comparisons between Prezi vs Powerpoint to help you impress your audience.

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Ease of Use
If we compare the ease of use between these two apps, Powerpoint obviously holds a big advantage. One reason is that the interface is indeed very intuitive and user-friendly. It has a layout that is similar to other Microsoft Office apps, so you probably won’t find much of a problem to understand the functions and features.

Another reason is that Powerpoint, along with some other Microsoft Office apps, are taught in schools. Most people especially the ones who grow up in the twenty-first century are already familiar with the Microsoft Office family. With Powerpoint, you can easily use layouts and templates, add effects and custom animations, and even narrate your slides.

On the other hand, Prezi requires some learning. While the learning curve isn’t particularly steep, you still need to dedicate some time to understand the functions and features. This is a relatively new app that hasn’t been widely used in schools. Nevertheless, once you get the hold of the app, it is also quite easy to use.

Powerpoint is very nice when you need to create a conventional presentation file. You can insert various effects, animations, audio tracks, video clips, and hyperlinks easily. You can customize the templates. Everything can be done quickly.

However, Powerpoint has some weaknesses. First of all, if you and your audience are bored with the conventional presentation style, you may want to look for an alternative. Second, the built-in clip arts, graphics, and animations are very outdated. Third, the slide format sometimes has a difficulty when zooming to a certain part of a slide and when going back and forth between slides.

Prezi offers an unconventional approach to presentation. The unique style can be refreshing and attractive for your audience. The pages are highly customizable. You can even make them appear like newspaper or magazine articles. Prezi also has a built-in zoom function which enables you to zoom in and out on a page easily.

It is quick and easy to insert pictures, videos, and audio tracks. You can put a picture in any angle. You can resize, zoom, rotate, or edit an object. There are frames which you can use to group multiple media in a single presentation. Unfortunately, Prezi does not allow editing on the readily made templates.

Online Presentation
Powerpoint does allow you to share your presentation files online, as it syncs with SlideShare. However, the file size of a Powerpoint presentation file can become very large. This is especially true if the file contains images, videos, or audio tracks. And this is why emailing or uploading a Powerpoint file is sometimes a huge pain.

Prezi is an online web-based app. It has a built-in function to allow you to embed a presentation into a web page or blog. For sure, it is compatible with most modern web browsers and computers. You can share your presentations online with up to 10 audience members – making online collaboration very easy.

An offline desktop-based version of Prezi is available. However, this version is even more expensive than Powerpoint. So, with Prezi, using the online version is generally more efficient.

Prezi s Powerpoint

- Requires some learning time- Very easy and intuitive to use
- Highly customizable pages- Conventional slide-format presentation
- Easy zoom function- Difficult to zoom on a specific part
- Great for online uses- Better for offline uses

Both Powerpoint and Prezi have different advantages and disadvantages. If you just need to make a quick conventional presentation, Powerpoint is better. Powerpoint is also better for offline uses. However, if you want a fresh approach to presentation with powerful navigation features, Prezi should be your choice. The zooming function is very useful for emphasizing important parts of the presentation. Prezi is also better for online needs.

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