Ride with GPS vs Strava

Strava is the most famous and almost everybody’s favorite when it comes to cycling or running. One of Strava rival is Ride with GPS, which is equally famous and being loved by its users around the world. In this article we will be comparing both of them to help you choose, which one to use.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Ride With GPS and Strava
– What Ride with GPS and Strava can offer to you
– Ride with GPS vs Strava

About Ride With GPS
Ride with GPS is an app and website that provide the user with a complete program for cyclist. The company launched Ride with GPS in 2007. In their company overview, you can see that Ride with GPS was founded by two people, Zack Ham and Cullen King. The company claims that they have not taken any outside funding and are running on their own capital. The company itself, is currently running a long term, sustainable business that delivering benefits for thousands of its users all around the globe. See our previous article here.

Ride With GPS Features
Using the app, users can create or find their own preferred routes by searching in specific criteria. When the user are on their ride, they can use GPS exports or PDF cue sheets to help navigating the trip. After done uploading the user data the app or website will provide them with comprehensive graphing tools and detailed metrics, so they can see their best efforts and progress. The users can also compare their results with other users in their area. Using the app, the users will also be able to set a virtual race with users nearby, to make the ride more exciting.

To enhance its social ability, the user can also publish their rides to social media or choose to keep them within the society. The app itself, is compatible with all Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4/BTE/BTLE) sensors as well as Polar and Zephyr regular Bluetooth heart rate sensors. Some of them are Wahoo Fitness Bluetooth HR Strap, Stages Power meter, Polar Wearlink +BTLE heart rate strap, and Zephyr HXM Bluetooth heart rate sensor.

When using the app, the users only need to push a button and the app will provide the map, distance traveled, ride duration and many more. The app is also claims to be an efficient app that will not drain the battery too quick. The premium version will let your friends track you with GPS. When on the ride the app can guide its user with voice prompts and cue sheets, so the user won’t get lost when riding in an unfamiliar area.

About Strava
Strava is an app and website that is used to track sport activities and provide related information to its users. The app track their user using satellite navigation from their portable devices when on used. The company introduced the app as the Social Media for Athletes, since the app can be used to track many different sport activities, however the most common activities tracked using Strava are both cycling and running.

Strava Features
Using the app, the users can upload and comment on each other activities. When used to cycling or running, the users only need to upload their routes and then the app will provide them with their time across distance and community created segments. Segments here means the smaller section of the users activity, such as a climb, tricky stretch of trail or part of an open water swim. Each time the user complete the segments, the time is recorded so the user can compare it to their previous efforts or with friends and other people.

As it have been mentioned above, Strava is not only limited to cycling and running, but it also compatible with swimming, alpine skiing, hiking, cross fitting, kayaking, rock climbing, surfing, yoga, indoor running, indoor cycling, gym workouts and many others. If you want more advanced feature, you can unlock the premium version. In the premium version you can set fitness goals and get your customizable training plans. You can set your own distance, time, or segment goals. The premium users have the special feature called Beacon, which will inform your position to trusted sources, so you can stay safe, while riding or running alone. You can download this app on PlayStore.

The most popular feature from premium version is the Suffer Score, which is Strava’s own calculation, using this feature you can count not only the distance and time, but also how much effort you are pouring into your activity. The Suffer score will count your heart rate, while doing your activity, so you will need a compatible heart rate monitor to run it.

Ride with GPS vs Strava

Ride with GPSStrava
- Focusing on cycling only- Can be used with many different activities
- The app offer two types of paid subscriptions- Only offer one type of paid subscription, which is the premium
- Has the offline maps feature- Do not has the offline maps features

As we can see above, both apps are equally good. What is so famous about Strava is their community, they have a wide and more interesting community. If you only need basic functions of cycling and do not plan on using some advanced features. Both of them can give you those basic features just the same. However Ride with GPS is said to be easier to use and people don’t need to make an account there to see or download other people routes. If you only need basic features, we will recommend you the Ride with GPS.

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