Skillshare vs Udemy

In present day, learning not only can be done in school or similar establishment and now you can even start taking your lesson from home in front of your computer. You can choose between so many services that provides the lesson you want like Skillshare vs Udemy. In our article this time, we will give you information regarding these two similar yet different platforms for learning and if there is any how they are separated from each other. If you are interested, go check it below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Skillshare and Udemy
– Skillshare and Udemy Courses Cost
– What Skillshare and Udemy can offer to you
– Skillshare vs Udemy

About Skillshare
If you ever looking for an online learning platform, you must already found Skillshare in your searching. This platform is where an online learning community will help you learn about many subjects and what makes it different from many other similar platform is because they are more focusing on interaction rather than lecturing with the main goal of learning in mind as well as completing the project. You can learn different knowledge here including about Creative, Business, Technology, and Lifestyle.

Skillshare Pricing
To follow the lesson in Skillshare, you have to take their plan that currently start at $99 per year while the monthly plan will start at $12 which is a good offers because with the amount you can have access to all classes available now and in the future. Most of classes here is for paid member and there are also free classes but of course you still have to complete the registration first to access them.

Skillshare Features
As it have been mentioned earlier, what makes Skillshare different is because they focus on interactions between lecturers and student. As user, you will be able to read and leave reviews as well as asking questions to your teachers. Some courses will ask you to do projects and you can even see the projects done by other students in previous lessons. There is also task to complete which is an important part of learning because you can understand better when something is repeated.

About Udemy
Another platform you can try to learn new knowledge from home is Udemy and this one is just as popular as Skillshare among user of online learning platform this year. The platform already gain a big name in the world and now they boast their over 15 million students with more than 65000 available courses, so this is definitely a good place for those who want to share their knowledge by teaching lessons and those people who want to get more knowledge from the people who are expert on the subject.

Udemy Pricing
Getting access to Udemy’s lessons is a bit complicated. Not because of the process but because they are priced differently depend on the course you are aiming for, so you will pay for each courses you take and price may range from $9 to $300, but since they often offer coupon code, you can purchase them with a price lesser than $50; just wait for the coupon code in your email. Read also: Coursera vs Udemy here.

Udemy Features
Classes in Udemy are mostly videos and whether you will have a good experience or not will of course depend on the instructors. What’s good here is you can interact with your instructor like asking question you are not sure and understand yet, so learning is not done one side. We know the importance of project to apply what we have already learn but unfortunately, not all courses here including a project for students. Courses in the platform also known to be longer in term of structure, so you can get better insight at a subject.

Now, let’s compare Skillshare with Udemy. The most obvious different is on the pricing and how they let students access the lesson. In Skillshare you will only need to pay one time and get access to all the courses you want while in Udemy you have to pay per courses. Another big difference is in structure because, Skillshare has shorter duration per classes while Udemy is longer and provide an in-depth courses.

Skillshare vs Udemy

- One-time payment- Pay per course
- More affordable- More expensive
- Shorter, bit-size courses- Longer and in-depth courses

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are a good choice if you are looking for an online learning platform and we will recommend you whatever suit your preference better.

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