Slack vs Discord

Instant messaging (IM) is similar to e-mail (the most popular abbreviations) in some ways. IM allows two people to communicate online at the same time. Messages in IM conversations are displayed in a special window on every computer display. The message will show as soon as it is sent. A dialog typed between two people extends down the display. Most messages in the IM dialog are short, usually just a few words or sentences. We used to call IM with chat. Nowadays, IM present in different kinds of app for example Slack and Discord. In this post, we’ll compare Slack vs Discord to help you decide which option is best for daily needed. Our comparison will focus on.

What is Slack and Discord?
Though Slack hasn’t popular like Facebook Messenger or iMessage, Slack is widely used. This app is popular with businesses, journalists, and other team-based users. The users looking for a method to communicate with their teams and also being able to share files, images, and other media. Slack isn’t only a messaging app, it’s a full cloud-based that built for businesses and professionals to communicate with the member of a group or the employee in an office. Those are the main professional function of slack. If you want to use slack as personal use, it is also the great choice.

While discord is an application used to send voice chat. Not just applications for voice chat only, Discord can also be used as a chat application such as LINE, Telegram or Whatsapp. In addition, if used on a PC, Discord can overlay in Dota. So you do not have to alt-tab anymore like TeamSpeak to make settings or shrink the voice of people who do not realize that he is talking about greatness. The existence of IP and DDoS Protection is also one of the features favored by pro players. Evidenced by the number of pro / caster-caster players who use Discord to replace their Skype. (See also : Slack vs Skype)

The Price
Slack is an instant messaging for the developer and also the businessman so that the price is more expensive rather than the price of discord. The price is vary because slack has different type of messenger. There are three types of slack, they are standard, plus, and enterprise. The price of those apps is about $7 dollars per month.But don’t worry, slack also provides a free edition which allow the users to have some features such as send an instant message, voice call, video call, group chat, and the simplistic display. While for discord, it is entirely free. The only thing you have to worry is about the optional upgrade that doesn’t give you any much advantage over other users.

The Display of Application
Talking about application, discord give better server and management. Better server and good management of application are important things to make the user easy to use the app. A very interesting and simple start screen, clear and easy-to-use various menu. While for slack, the display of the slack is very complicated and really intended for professional businessman. There is no entertaining features like in discord.

The Amount of Memory Used
This factor is an important factor that should considered by the users. It is because the more amount memory that used the heavier media performance. Discord is a lightweight application for use on laptops or android rather than Slack. Discord only need half of the storage from slack.

Basically, Discord has a lot benefits, moreover if you belong to their target audience. Whereas for Slack is really only fit for one specific people which is very dedicated to those who are including in a businessman and developers group. Slack is tend to focus on several business features such as file management, examine and compliance, manage an identity, searching files, and good enterprise features. While Discord is much focus for gamers. It is much focused on voice chat and the performance of the display. If you are a professional businessman or developer or even an employee group you are better use Slack. But if you are a gamer or someone who is interesting with entertaining world, it’s better for you to choose Discord.

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