Slack vs Skype

Instant Messenger is a very popular app recently. The applications that categorized in Instant messenger should use the internet and allow users to send messages directly. The requirements are, the users and other users should at the real-time and should be connected on the same network to send a text. As technology grows, Instant Messenger applications built under many brand. There are two brand’s name which has many users in this 2018, it is Slack and Skype. Many features can be used in Instant Messenger, start from sending text messages, group messages, voice messages, voice recording, voice calls, stickers, emoticons and many more. In this post, we’ll compare Slack and Skype to help you decide which instant messenger that meet your needs.

Advantages of Skype
1. The users do not need to pay, because Skype is free to use. But if you use Slack, you have to pay some money. This is because in slack you will be offered by version. Indeed, there is a free version of Slack, but this free version provide limited features.
2. Skype allows audio & video calls. The best differences between Slack and Skype is this feature. This feature is only available in Skype not in Slack. Slack only provide the feature to send and share an image, but cannot use Audio and Video Call or even camera.
3. Nice management of notification. Skype shows the actual number of unread message in each chat, send notification while the phone asleep, and give the notification about unread message. Whereas, slack doesn’t allow this feature.
4. Skype can be used with no internet connection. You can use your Skype even you are not in a connection. You are still allowed to see your contacts, read messages, finds your friend, share message, and type a new conversation that automatically will be sent when your internet connection is restored. Another case if you use Slack, you are not allowing to do anything without an active internet connection.

Advantages of Slack
1. Slack collaborate with many kinds of software. It also allow you to post your messages in your Slack chat. For example, some people use Slack’s collaborations with Codeship to allow the developers to receive notifications via Slack when code updates occur. Slack also provide you to create your own collaborations. While Skype does not provide the ability to collaboration with other software.
2. Search Feature better than Skype. Slack’s search feature is definitely better than Skype’s. For instance in finding the contact of someone, Slack arranges it based on the date, user and properties. Then, slack has the ability to search all conversations at the same time, and many more.
3. Status Online/offline is more accurate. Because slack is connecting to the network, so Slack gives the user an accurate status of their account. Different case with Slack, Skype sometimes shows people as “online” when they’re in offline status.

4. Several features of messaging. Slack offers you a lot of format text for instance add code snippets, inline images, and more. Slack also has small features of messaging that make it nice to use. For example: color hex codes in messages automatically display a preview of the color, screencast(.)com links automatically show a thumbnail, etc. Skype only supports plain text messages and has fewer emoticons.
5. Email Feature. Slack offers email feature even for free plans. Not only email feature, slack also provide notification of that email. But Skype not provide this great feature.
6. More customizable interface. Slack has more interesting color options, sounds, and views so it makes users not bored.

From the information above, the better apps between Slack and Skype is Skype. Why? Because Skype has many smart features that is reliable. Take for example the common feature such as audio and video call. Those two feature is really important to make people keep in touch while they are using this app. Moreover, the users don’t need to pay more in downloading this app. It’s free and completed with several interesting features.

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