Spreadshirt vs Teespring

Are you an artist who loves to draw and making design? Do you like to wear your designs? Are you interested on making money with your design? If your answer is yes then, this article will be useful for you. Have you heard of Spreadshirt and Teespring? Both of them are a platform for custom apparel. They will act as a go-between you and your future buyer.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Spreadshirt and Teespring
– What Spreadshirt and Teespring Offers
– Spreadshirt vsTeespring

About Spreadshirt
Spreadshirt is an online merchandise company that allows people to make their own design, buying, and selling their products online on the Web. Spreadshirt act as a “middleman” to accommodate artists, producers, and buyers. Aside from apparel, in their site Spreadshirt also offer phone cases, mugs & drinkware, and buttons.

Spreadshirt was founded by two German students, at first Spreadshirt was launched in Leipzig, Germany in 2012. Not long after that the company quickly became the leading provider of custom online apparel in Europe and one of the most successful internet startups in recent years. In 2014, two years after the company was founded in Germany, they begin to expand in the American Market. Spreadshirt made an immediate impact in a quite short time, they now have 150.000 partners who have created and sold over 500.000 custom products worldwide.

Spreadshirt Product
Spreadshirt offers you to open your own shop, you can make the designs, type of t-shirts you want to produce and set your own prices. You will get your money when people orders your products. Spreadshirt have many kind of styles, many kind of colors and all kind of cool print features such as, glitter and fuzzy prints that look just like a screen printed shirt.

Spreadshirt is a global platforms for personalized clothing and accessories. This company is the go-to-place for anyone looking to realize their creative ideas on quality fabrics. The company claimed to value freedom of expression, whether the design is made by one people or made buy a communities. Spreadshirt offer T-shirts, sweater, bags, aprons, and many more kind of garments that can be easily personalized with custom images and texts. Spreadshirt claimed as an ideal merchandising partner. The company has a huge number of large companies and brands are among their customer.

About Teespring
Teespring is custom apparel platform. The company was founded by Walker Williams and Evan Stites Clayton back in the 2011 in Providence, Rhode Island. The company was founded for the purpose of simplifying the process of selling custom T-shirt. In the site, aside from selling T-shirt Teespring also offer home decor, such as pillows and tapestries, socks, phone cases, accessories, and Mugs.

Teespring Product
Just as the same as Spreadshirt, Teespring offers people to create their own unique campaigns in order to sell those custom apparel. The artist can choose many color and type of item added with pictures or customized fonts, which they would like to sell. The designs can be uploaded from outside of the platform and also can be created using variety of fonts provided by Teespring. After the design is completed, the artist can set the price for their items and set a sales goal. In the meantime, no orders are processed, manufactured, or shipped until the campaign has reach the sales goal. Once the campaigns successfully reaches its sales goal then the shirts will begin to be produced. If you can’t fulfill your campaign goals, all the purchase that has been made by buyers will be refund by Teespring.

Teesprings handle all the distribution and production of those custom apparel, they also provide a customer service associated with any order placed on their site. All the custom shirt is being printed in many facilities across the United States. Today, Teespring also offers T-shirts, hoodies, long-sleeve, tank tops, youth apparel, as well as kids and babies apparels. The company has shift to do a diversification in offerings. But there are some testimony from their customer that Teespring does not provide many variants of color.

Spreadshirt vs Teespring

- Does not required a sales goal- Required a sales goal
- Based in German- Based in the U.S
- Priced higher- Priced lower
- Gives the designer a custom of colors- Do not give the designer a custom colors

Like it have been said above both of Spreadshirts and Teespring offer similar products and services. Both of them are founded in different countries and region, but now they are competitors trying to be better from each other. Teespring offer a lower base price, so their product can be more affordable to purchase, while at the down side, they required a campaign goal. If the goal is not reached, then your shirt will not be produced. At the other side, Spreadshirt does not required a campaign goal, your shirt will be produced when the customer order it, while at the down side Spreadshirt offer a higher base price. In our opinion from the designer side, it is better to choose Spreadshirt since you will not have a risk of losing your time and money if somehow your goal is not reached. You will still get revenue from how many products you can sell.

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