Sticker Mule vs Sticker Robot

Sticker Mule vs Sticker Robot are services that can print your designs into nice stickers. Using such service is convenient when you want to print bulks of stickers without actually investing in a sticker printer.In this article, we will discuss the comparisons between these two services based on several aspects, including the ease of use, delivery, and quality.

What we will discuss below:
– The material and print quality of Sticker Mule and Sticker Robot
– The user experience on Sticker Mule and Sticker Robot
– The delivery time of Sticker Mule and Sticker Robot
– Which sticker printing service that is more recommended

Sticker Quality
Let’s start from the most important aspect, which is the quality of the stickers. No matter how great the user experience, delivery, and pricing of a service, you will not use a printing service if the quality does not satisfy your standards. Or worse, you order bulks of stickers for your company’s marketing and promotion, only to scratch your head after receiving off-color and grainy products. See also: 500px vs SmugMug.

In general, both Sticker Mule vs Sticker Robot have good sticker quality. Their stickers look nice, usually without glaring mistakes or defects. However, there are still some distinctive differences.

Sticker Mule tends to have better sticker quality. Their stickers are printed digitally with a matte top coat to enhance the durability. Thanks to the coating, the sticker does not fade easily. It also does not get scratched unless you really dig some claw into it.

The vinyl of Sticker Mule is almost twice thicker than Sticker Robot’s. This means the sticker is much more robust and will not rip easily. In a rip test, a sticker from Sticker Mule can withstand the effort. It only stretches a bit without actually getting ripped.

On the other hand, Sticker Robot is less durable. The stickers are screen printed. They do not have a visible top coat. Without a coating, the sticker will lose color and fade quickly. The vinyl is much thinner, and is easy to rip. In the rip test, Sticker Robot is easily torn like a piece of paper.

Ordering and Delivery
Both Sticker Mule and Sticker Robot are very easy to use. Their websites are intuitive and easily navigable. Sticker Mule is hosted by Amazon, whereas Sticker Robot uses WordPress with CloudFlare. Their websites are both responsive and fast. You will not find much of a difference in terms of loading speeds. Both services have simple and convenient ordering systems.

However, there is a significant difference in delivery. Sticker Mule is much faster. You can receive your stickers from Sticker Mule within just a week. This is certainly an acceptable timeframe.

On the other hand, Sticker Robot takes much longer. It may even take a month for your stickers to arrive. This is not a really good delivery timeframe. Hence, if your deadline is nearing, Sticker Robot is not the best option.

Sticker Mule vs Sticker Robot

Sticker MuleSticker Robot
- Digitally printed- Screen print
- Thicker vinyl- Thin, almost paper-like vinyl
- Has a top coating- No top coating
- More durable- Easy to rip
- Fast delivery- Very slow delivery

In the end, we recommend you to choose Sticker Mule. While the prices of the two services are quite similar, Sticker Mule offers better sticker quality. The stickers are more durable. Also, Sticker Mule has better, faster delivery.

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