Strava vs Cyclemeter

Nowadays there are dozens of fitness apps available in your App Store or Google Play store. All of them claims being the best and better than their rivals, but we will not know the truth until we try them ourselves. To help you decide, we are going to compare both popular fitness app, which are Strava and Cyclemeter.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Strava and Cyclemeter
– What Strava and Cyclemeter can offer to you
– Strava vs Cyclemeter

About Strava
We can agree that Strava is currently one of the most famous fitness app in the fitness community. Strava is a smartphones app and website that was promoted as the Social Network for Athletes by the company. The app can be used with various kind of sport activities, but the most common or popular activity used with Strava is bicycling and Running. Using Strava the users can upload their routes and then will be provided with times across distance and community created “segments” by the app. Aside in English, the app is also available in many different language, such as Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and traditional Chinese.

Strava Features
In the free version you can use Strava to record the basic data of your workouts and find a new places to run or bicycle. In the premium version you will get a number of advance stats and other features. One of the most interesting about the premium version is the Suffer Score feature, which is Strava’s own calculation. Different from the one in the common version, this feature not only count the time and distance of your workout, but it also count the effort you put in those activities by measuring your heart rate. However you will need a compatible heart rate monitor to run this feature.

Other interesting feature in premium version is the Beacon feature, this feature will inform other premium users near you your exact location so you can stay safe during your workout. Aside from that you will be able to create and track goals, see indoor training videos, filtered leaderboards and discounts to get sports related goods or services. However before choosing for the premium version, you might also consider the price. The premium monthly fee is $7.99, but when you pay it annually in the front you will only need to pay $59.99 per year. Strava is definitely not the cheapest app you can get. Check more about Strava here.

About Cyclemeter
Taken from Abvio, the company claims that Cyclemeter is the most advanced application for any cyclist that was ever designed to be used in mobile devices. The app is focusing on making your smartphones becomes a powerful fitness computer. In the app the user will be provided with maps, graphs, splits, intervals, laps, announcement, zones, training plans and many more. Many users had said that this app is rich with features, not only for cycling even though the app name suggest so. Cyclemeter can tracks not just cycling but also running, walking, skiing and other sports. Aside from that the app also available in five different languages; English, French, German, Italian and Japanese.

Cyclemeter Features
What many people loves about Cyclemeter is the stopwatch views display are clear and giving you lots of information about your activity, such as detailing ride time, distance, current speed and average speed. You can also create your own route and then the app will provide you with the distance left on that route and after you navigate through all those impressive amounts of settings, you can customize the last field. Whether you want to display your fastest speed, current elevation, climb or calories that you have burnt.

Similar to many other app out there, Cyclemeter will need you to set up your data first, such as age, weight and gender, so the app can determine the correct measurement for your calorie burn stats. You can also choose your types of bikes you use and how you want the app to present its maps, set voice prompts, choosing what will appear on your data graphs, etc.

To begin tracking, you only need to touch the app’s “stopwatch” icon, then your screen will show you a customizable screen, such as route name, activity, and fields for ride time, speed, distance, average speed, remaining miles according to selected route and fastest speed. You can also keep monitoring your heart rate with a real-time heart rate display, the compatible device for Cyclemeter is Wahoo fitness that you can links via Bluetooth.

Strava vs Cyclemeter

- The premium version is far pricier than cyclemeter- You will need only $9.9 to purchase the premium version
- Available in a wider range of language- Have limited languages if compared to Strava
- Has popular communities- The app view is said to be simpler and cleaner than Strava

As we can see above, both of Strava and Cyclemeter are equally good. They offer various interesting and useful features. However they are still two different app bound to have different features. Some people might find one is better or more suit their taste better than the other, some might liking both of them equally or disliking them altogether. In our opinion if you are exclusively into cycling and don’t want to spend too much on paid apps, Cyclemeter is a great app to accompany you in your activities.

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