Strava vs Endomondo

Today, leading a healthy lifestyle is considered as a necessity, people begin to realize the negative effects of obesity and sedentary office work. Nowadays being healthy means you are cool, beautiful, successful and fit. The modern trend of leading a healthy life is also includes the use of fitness apps. You can find many fitness apps that you can download and used for free in your smartphones and other devices. Today we are going to talk about two of them, which are Strava and Endomondo, so you can choose which one suit you better.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Strava and Endomondo
– What Strava and Endomondo can offer to you
– Strava vs Endomondo

About Strava
Strava an application and also a website that used as social fitness media for its users. The app used satellite navigation to track athletic activity to upload and share it. Strava can be used with various types of sport activities but the most popular activities tracked using Strava are outdoor sport, such as cycling and running. Using Strava service, the users can upload their routes and then the app will provide them with their times across distances and community created segments. You can read our previous article about Strava here.

The service by Strava relies on GPS functionality to makes their features help their users. Their users may use smartphones or other devices such as Garmin navigator devices to record their position and time data during the sport activities. The users also can upload their performances from GPS devices aside from Garmin, such as Polar Wahoo Fitness, Suunto, Tomtom, Fitbit, Microsoft Band, Soleus, and Timex.

What it can do
Like many other fitness apps out there, Strava also provide a premium features. If you are only using the app to records basic data or your workouts and helps you find new places to run or ride your bicycle, you can get those features in the free version. If you want more advance features, you can get the premium version with $7.99 per month or $59.99 if you pay it annually in the beginning. The price might change over time so be careful.

Many people said that the most interesting feature from Strava premium version is the Suffer Score. This feature will require a heart rate monitor to work. The Suffer Score is Strava own calculation of the difficulty of your workouts, this feature not only counting the time and distance but also how much effort you put into your workout. Other than that, the premium Strava users also get Beacon. This feature will share your location with trusted source while you are doing your activity.

About Endomondo
Endomondo is an app that categorized as a social fitness network for the users. Endomondo is developed by Endomondo LLC and used by the users to track their fitness and health statistics using the app or the website. Endomondo was launched in 2007 with the intention to motivate people to lead a healthier live by working out. Endomondo is related to Mapmyride, since both of them are under the same company after Under Armour purchased it in 2015 for $85 million. Under Armour is an American based company, which main activity is manufacturing footwear, sports and casual apparel. By the time Endomondo acquired, the app already had more than 20 million users.

What it can do
Endomondo offers their users several of features that related to fitness, such as running routes, distance, duration, and calories. The app also able to help the users analyze their performance and then recommends some improvements. Similar to most of fitness app available out there, there is a free and a paid version of Endomondo. The free version has advertisements, while the paid versions are free of advertisements. The paid version also has additional features, such as the possibility to create the users own training plan. But the offering might be different between the Android, iOs and Windows users.

Endomondo can be downloaded for free without paying, however the features are pretty basic. Free users get the basic data, such as duration, distance, speed, calories burned, and mapped route but there are no compare the previous activities with the old ones in free version of Endomondo. Free users also do not get any access to training plans or coaching. Taken from, Premium Endomondo will cost you $5.99 per month or $29.99 if you pay annually. The price might change from time to time, so you have to be careful. Premium users will get much visibility on their recorded activities, such as more detailed heart rate data that show you how much time you spent in different heart rate zones. You can also compare your performance with the previous activities.

Strava vs Endomondo

- Launched later than Endomondo- Launched earlier than Strava
- Is two times pricier than Endomondo- Is two times cheaper than Endomondo
- Has an interesting feature like Suffer Score- Is said to be lacked in interesting features

Both of the fitness apps talked above are quite similar to each other. They may have differences but the basic usage is still the same. In our opinion if you are not a data driven person and just want to enjoy the routes and the social aspects of fitness apps, you can choose the free version, whether it is Strava or Endomondo. But if you want more accurate segments or enjoy more interesting features and don’t mind about spending more, we will recommend the almost everybody’s favorite Strava.

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