Strava vs Garmin Connect

For people who do sports frequently, the name Strava and Garmin must be familiar to you. Strava is the most famous sports tracking app nowadays and Garmin is one of the most popular sport watch manufacturer. Garmin has their own app to use with the Garmin watch, which called the Garmin Connect. If you are not sure which to choose between Strava and Garmin Connect, in this article we are going to give you brief explanation regarding both apps/websites, so you can decide which one to use.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Strava and Garmin Connect
– What Strava and Garmin Connect can offer to you
– Strava vs Garmin Connect

About Strava
Strava is currently the most popular fitness tracking app used in the world. Strava is an app and website that provide service to their users using Satellite Navigation service. The users of Strava are able to view the data about their activities and also many other interesting features. Not only about the features, Strava is also famous for their community. Similar to other apps, before using the app or web, you have to make an account there first then log in. If you are interested on similar apps, you can read our article on Ride With GPS vs Strava here.

Strava Features
The app is pretty simple and easy to understand, however some people said that getting used to it will takes some time. At the menu bar, you can found an amazing amount of features, the menu bar consist of Dashboard, Training, Explore, Challenges and many more. You may want to take notes that not of all features in Strava can be used for free. The free version features are limited and only contain the basic function of the app. If you are a casual user and only want to view or find running/bicycling routes, you will still able to get it from the free version.

Aside from using it to provide you with some activities data, you can also use Strava as your social media. At the Dashboard, you will find Activity Feed that contains the track you have taken and photos of you while doing those activities. Of course, this is optional and you can choose whether to post or not, the way it works is very similar common social media platform.

Some interesting free feature in the app is the challenge. There are challenges every now and then, and you can choose to participate or not. When you complete one challenge, you will get a badge to show your achievement.

About Garmin Connect
Garmin is an American multinational technology company that was founded by Gary Burrell and Min Kao in 1898 in Lenexa, Kansas, United States. Headquarter of Garmin is located in Olathe Kansas. The company is well known for their innovative GPS technology used in automotive, aviation, marine, outdoors and sport activities. Because of their development in wearable technology, they also compete in the activity tracker and smartwatch consumer developers.

The company begin their journey in the fitness and GPS watches with Forerunner collection since 2003. After the initial release, the company keep releasing sport watches that was not only intentionally made for running but also other types of physical activities, such as hiking, gym and swimming. Today, with the technology to record all those activities data using these high powered watch, the user will be able to view, manage and analyze their data by themselves.

Garmin Connect Features
The Garmin Connect is the online service that operates and interacts with the Garmin devices that focusing on more into the general sport section. The Garmin connect now has a simple dashboard that contains different widgets that offer different information compare to the poorly old version. The most convenient thing about this dashboard is that you can customize what kind of data you want to be viewed.

In the dashboard you can click one widget and then you will be taken to another page that contains all your information. When you enter the activity section, you will be presented with every activity you have uploaded in chronological order, regardless of what kind of activity. If you want to delete some activities, at this part you will be able to select different activities you want to be removed. The next interesting feature is the ability of this web/app to compare separate sessions or runs to see your splits.

In the activity section, you will be displayed with all the recorded information for that specific run/cycle or swim. At the final two stages of the activities, you will be displayed with interactive graphs and further statistics contains everything you want to know from your fastest pace to greatest elevation gain. Aside from this useful information and features, you can also use the Garmin Connect as social media.

As we can see above, both Strava and Garmin Connect are similar but also different. We know that Strava is a stand-alone app that can be used with various devices while Garmin Connect is the app or web to see the data that has been recorded by Garmin watch. We can’t really say that both are rival because they can be connected to each other. We know that Garmin Connect lacks of some features compare to Strava, since it is not made as a stand-alone app. People who need more features can sync their Garmin Connect with Strava account to process it further.

Strava vs Garmin Connect

StravaGarmin Connect
- Is a smartphone app/website that utilize phone/compatible device to track sport activities- Is an app to view data recorded on Garmin watch
- Can be used without having to purchase a device other than smartphone/pc/laptop- Can only be used when paired with Garmin watch
- Have many features and premium subscription- Have limited features and have no paid subscription

We know that when it comes to feature, Strava is the winner. What you need to consider is the activities you frequently do and what kind of information you need. If you prefer simple and easy to use and don’t need some more complicated data processing and features, we recommend you the Garmin Connect, of course you have to own Garmin watch first to use the app or website.

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