Strava vs MapMyRide

Being healthy is necessary, we are advised to do some workouts to stay fit, however many people finding exercising are pretty boring. Many people who prefer outdoor exercising said that cycling is fun and you are not only exercising to get fit but can also enjoy your surrounding to relax more. In the past people often get lost when cycling, but now there are apps that can help you solve this problem plus other benefits you can get from them for free. Those apps is Strava and MapMyRide.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Strava and MapMyRide
– What Strava and MapMyRide can offer to you
– Strava vs MapMyRide

About Strava
Strava according to Wikipedia is mobile app and website that can be used to track your athletic activity, utilizing satellite navigation and then you can upload and share your activity. The app is styled as “Social Network for Athletes”, which can be used with many various sporting activities, however the most popular activity done by people using the software are cycling and running. You as a user can upload your track and then provided with your times across distances and community to create segments. Strava has many free features, but also reserve some premium features for fee-paying users. In Strava you can participate in challenges and also view your statistical analysis and combining those with additional data such as heart rate.

The company was founded back then in 2009, and in present days the app is used by many people from all across the world. The company headquarter is located in San Francisco, California. By March 2015 they have approximately 1 million active users and 200.000 premium users. The data appear when you logged in are route, elevation, speed, timing, and power. The data that has been collected by Strava are available for other services. The aggregated GPS logs of the users can help designing bike traffic solutions in cities through the Strava Metro initiative.

What it can do
The service provide by Strava is based on GPS technology of mobile phones and other devices, such as Garmin navigator devices, that able to record position and time data while doing athletic activities. Other than that the app is also act as a social network, the users can follow each other and when they are doing activity at the same time and place, they will be grouped together. The users can give support or “Kudos”, which is similar to Facebook like and also able to comment on each other activities, you can also upload photos of your activities if you wished.

About MapMyRide
MapMyRide is similar to Strava, it is an app to help you track your cycling route. The app is a product of Under Armour along with Mapmyfitness, mapmyrun, mapmywalk, and mapmyhike. The greatest benefit of mapmyride is it will draw out your map for you and you no longer have to guess the best road for you. Using mapmyride, you can see which roads the other users take, so you can cycling together. The app can be used in your smartphones or your training device to navigate, whichever suit you better.

Before able to use the app, you have to fulfilled the registration first, the process will not take long time only for a few minutes. The fastest way is by logging up using your Facebook profile, this will simply means that Mapmyride will be able to access the information from your public profile, email address, and birthday, however the app will not be able to post without permission on your Facebook page.

What it can do
To optimize your mapmyride account you can subscribe to the MVP version that offer live tracking, this feature will help you stay safe when bicycling alone, because you can share your run or ride with others in real time to ensure you will be safe in your route. If you are a traveler who likes to try new routes in new places you also can use the search for bike path routes and bicycling routes to avoid getting on the busy roads.

The app also capable of maximizing your workouts, as we know to improve fitness you should change your rides by making them longer or more intense. Mapmyride will give you audible splits to help you track whether you are pushing too hard or not enough.

Like you already know that mapmyride collects your data, you can use the data to see the trends in your fitness. If you are not a data driven person. At least you still want to have your heart rate and metrics in your devices, mapmyride is one of the most compatible app that you can use with many external device to see your heart rate and cadence.

Strava vs MapMyRide

- The website is a bit confusing for starters- The website is easier to use
- The app doesn’t drain battery as quick as MMR app- The app said to drain phone battery faster
- The app is more stable than MMR- The app often crash the phone
- The ads is minimum to none- Many people complaints about the amount of ads appearing on MMR

When comparing both of them you might want to see it from different angles, let’s try the app first, many people has reported that mapmyride app is often crash their phone, Strava app is seem to be more stable. Second the website, the mapmyride website are having some ads that might annoy its users, while Strava is cleaner. However the mapmyride dashboard is reviewed better than Strava, you will see it clearly because all you need mapmyride to do is already displayed on the dashboard. Based on that, we will recommend you Strava to be your company. Please note that they can change those minus anytime they want, so this article might not always stated the current event.

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