Strava vs MapMyRun

Fitness app has been a hit in recent years. Todays people are competing with each other to stay healthy and fit. Among those many app, Strava and MapMyRun are two of most popular app and being used by many people worldwide. Today we are going to compare both of them and see which one will suit you better.

In this article we will give you information about;
– What is Strava and MapMyRun
– What Strava and MapMyRun can offer to you
– Strava vs MapMyRun

About Strava
Strava is a mobile app and website that was promoted as the social media for athletes. Using satellite navigation the app and website is able to track your location, the app will also allow you to upload and share your activities with your friend. Taken from Wikipedia, Strava basically can be used with several types of activities, but the most common activities tracked using Strava are running and bicycling. The users can upload their routes and then the app will provide them with their time across distance and community created segments.

What Strava can do
As it have been mentioned above Strava services are relying on mobile phones or other devices GPS to record position and time data during the sport activities. In the app, the user also able to follow each other and activities are automatically grouped together when they occur at the same place in the same time. The users can give “kudos”, which is similar to Facebook like and comment on each other activities.

Similar to many other fitness app out there, there is a free version of Strava and a premium version of Strava. The free version only gives you the basic data of your workout and helps you finding a new place to run or bicycling. The challenges feature is also available in the free mode, so if you are only need those features, the free version is already more than enough.

The Strava premium will cost you $7.99 per month, which will sum up to nearly $100 per year, however if you pay it annually in the beginning, you will only need to pay $59.99. The most interesting feature in the premium Strava is the Suffer Score. This feature only works if you have a compatible heart rate monitor. The Suffer Score is Strava’s own calculation that not only calculate time and distance but also how much effort you put in your workout.

Other feature that can be used by Premium users are Beacon. This feature will share your location with trusted sources while you are doing your activity. Aside from that you will also able to create and track goals, seeing indoor training videos, filtered leaderboards, and get discounts on some sport related goods or services.

About MapMyRun
MapMyRun is an app and website use to record your running activity. This app is great for runners who like to do their sport outdoor with their smartphones for their entertainment, safety and convenience. Using a smartphone and a headset, runners can listen to their favorite music and call for a help when accidently get lost and keep the track while running for miles. You can do all of them with only one equipment.

Among those many running apps you can get in your software store, MapMyRun is one of the most popular. This app is under one big family of MapMyFitness that is owned by Under Armour. Under Armour is a company that main activity is producing sport related apparel and accessories. Aside from MapMyRun, they also own MapMyRide, MapMyHike, and MapMyWalk.

What MapMyRun can do
When in use the MapMyRun app will tracks a runner’s physical route, pace and distance through their phone or compatible device GPS system. The app is currently available for both iOs and Android users. Similar to other fitness apps available, MapMyRun also has a free and paid version, which they called it MVP version. The free version contains basic features, such as setting stats or goals and track unlimited mapped routes or workouts. In the free version you will be shown with your total mileage, split breakdown by pace, elevation, calories burned and average pace.

The MVP version of MapMyRun will cost you $5.99 per month, which will cost you around $74 per year. But if you pay it annually in the front you will only need to pay $29.99. With the MVP version you can get some of the best running analytics available. Some additional feature are audio coaching, power analysis, training plans, route genius, heart rate analysis and the adds-free experience.

Strava vs MapMyRun

- Can be used in many different sports activities, mainly on cycling and running- Focused on Running
- The premium version is far pricier than MapMyRun- The MVP version is cheaper than Strava
- Has many kind of interesting community- The social community is pretty standard

If you compare both of them based on the GPS tracking, both Strava and MapMyRun are equally good. In the premium version Strava has Beacon to show other premium users where you at, while on MapMyRun they have similar feature called life tracking. Seeing both paid version, MapMyRun is definitely cheaper. Seeing their social community, we all can agree that Strava has better community. Strava has various clubs that you can follow and see. Seeing their overall features you can see that Strava is more into Cycling rather than Running. If you are exclusively into running, we recommend you the MapMyRun app.

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