Strava vs Runkeeper

Today we have many apps available to assist us with our working out progress. Among those many apps, Strava and Runkeeper might resonate better in your ears, because they are among the most famous sport apps out there. If you are confused to decide which to choose, here in this article we will give you some information that might help you.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Strava and Runkeeper
– What Strava and Runkeeper can offer to you
– Strava vs Runkeeper

About Strava
Strava is a mobile app and a website that is used to track its user’s athletic activity using satellite navigation, the users then can upload and shares their activities. Strava is marketed as Social Network for Athletes, the app can be used with various types of sports but the most famous are cycling and running. The company was first founded in 2009 and today they have more than 1 million active users and around 200.000 premium users. The company’s headquarter is located in San Francisco, California. If you are interested on other fitness apps, you can read our previous article here.

What it can do
Strava users can upload their routes and then the app will provide them with their times across distance and community created segments. The app main features are mostly free to use, but they also provide some premium features for their fee-paying users.

Some interesting feature from Strava is the challenges, their users can participate in challenges and view enhanced statistical analysis of their activities, they can also combine this data with additional data like heart rate and power. The challenges usually occur periodically, which challenge the users to run or ride a certain distance in a certain days. After the challenge is fully completed, you can receive a badge and they will be display in your profile. This feature is pretty effective to motivate users to enhance their workout.

Some challenges will allow you to purchase special prizes after you complete the challenges. Strava also offers their users the ability to suggest new features that can be added into Strava later.

When you subscribe for the premium version you will also get some interesting feature like the Suffer Score. Using this feature you will need a compatible heart monitor. The Suffer Score is Strava own calculation of the difficulty from your workout, this feature not only count your distance and time but also how much effort you put into your activity.

Some issue this app is, taken from theguardian, Strava also have some issues about their app that breaching the boundary of private and delicate information. Recently the heatmap feature of Strava are said to reveal sensitive military positions. This issue are being defend by the company by stating that the information are already made public by the users who uploaded it. After this incident militaries all around the world are contemplating bans on fitness trackers.

About Runkeeper
Runkeeper is a smartphones application that can be used in both iOS and Android; the main function of this application is to track people fitness activity using GPS. Its CEO Jason Jacob first launched the app in 2008, with the help of Raizlabs the “moonlight engineers”. The app currently has more than 50 million users and still keeps counting; the company also secured $10 million in a Series B financing that was led by Spark Capital. But then the company was acquired by ASICS in February 2016.

What it can do
The Runkeeper main function is to let the users keep track of their fitness activity like walking, running and cycling using GPS. The app then provide the users with detailed statistics for their pace, distance and time. Runkeeper will tracks your statistics, progress and your applied coaching to allow you advance in your progress with audio cues, where you can listen and control the music while working out. This app also able to measure your heart race and taking pictures, so you can share and save it for later.

Regarding the app, some people think that the appearance is somehow look unprofessional and too casual but this doesn’t affect the function of the app, so this might be not that important. You can use the app to interact with your friends, you can follow and comment on other people activates. The accuracy and kilometers ran works pretty accurately. But there is also some issue when the GPS signal will sometimes lost and result in tracking errors. You can add photos into your account but the information that you can display on the image is limited.

The app also has a controversy when in 2016 the Runkeeper software came to the attention of Norwegian Consumer Council by breaking European data protection laws. The app was alleged to continue tracking their user’s location even though the app is already shut down; the app also used their user’s information with advertisers. This act has been exceeding their terms and conditions.

Strava vs Runkeeper

- Found later than Runkeeper- Found earlier than Strava
- Does not have the audio cues- Have the audio cues
- The GPS is more stable than Runkeeper- The GPS is less stable than Strava

As it have been said above, using these kind of app in not without risks at all. We think that whichever you choose, make sure to read all the option carefully and make sure to opt out the feature that might concern you. For this Strava is slightly better because they now give their users an option to prevent the app to publicly broadcasting their locations.

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