Teechip vs Teespring

As an artist you might struggle to earn money for the first time, the lack of experience and the complicated process of making design, producing your goods, promoting them, and delivering the goods to your customer does sound like a hassle. However being in the 2018, there are many way to ease your job. Here in this article we will introduce you to 2 of very famous custom goods platforms. They are Teechip and Teespring.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Teechip and Teespring
– What Teechip and Teespring can offer to you
– Teechip vs Teespring

About Teechip
Teechip is a screen printing company, they will print your designs, and ship the goods to the buyers. Similar to many other startup which sells customized goods, Teechip let you upload your designs, select and choose the products and pricing, then you do the campaign to promote your products, you will get your profits when customer buy your products, and Teechip will send the goods to the buyers. It is free, you don’t have to pay Teechip for doing those.

Teechip is one of many other startups out there that facilitates artists to make money from their own arts. Teechip is actually based from many different existing platforms, which came from crowd funding to on-demand merchant creation. The custom printing service Teechip offer you may come on many forms, such as shirts, mugs, cell phone cases, and full posters. The obvious benefit of Teechip to artists is they will take all the complicated producing process, so you can more focus on creating your design.

Teechip benefit
Unlike some other platforms, which required you fulfill a campaign goal before they can produce and send the item to the buyers. Teechip does not require such thing, even if you just sell 1 item, they will still produce and send them to the buyer. Like it have been said before, there will be no upfront cost. However you still have to promote your goods.

The most common platforms used for promoting are Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Currently there are 13 different types of shirt available, phone cases for both iPhone and Samsung phones, an 11 oz. mug, and 3 different kind of posters; 11 x 17, 16 x 24, 24 x 36.

The most prominent reason why many people choose Teechip is because they offer larger profit margins, they have 30% to 50% more compare to other similar companies. Teechip also claims that they offer the largest profit among any e-commerce platform.

About Teespring
Teespring is also a platform for customized apparel, similar to Teechip. Taken from Wikipedia, Walker Williams and Evan Stites Clayton founded the company back in the 2011 in Providence, Rhode Island. Their motivation was to make simple the process of selling custom t-shirts. However now Teechip not only sells t-shirts but also many other kind of goods too. When first founded the company get their venture capital from Khosla Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz. (See also : Spreadshirt vs Teespring)

Teespring benefit
Teespring motivates people to make their own designs and sell custom goods, without the complicated process of production and delivering the goods to the buyers. Teespring is 100 free to use, they set a flat base price each products, and the designer will be the one who set the selling price and also keep 100% of the profit. Here is an example, the base price is $10 for t-shirts, and you choose to sell it at $25, the $15 profit will be all yours to get.

Even though Teespring is 100% free to use, what you have to keep in mind is the campaign. You have to promote your products to your prospecting customers. In the campaign process you might spend some money to advertise your products this is very common. You can use any platform you want and whichever will provide you with your preferred results. In conclusion you have to do your own marketing.

Aside from you have to do your own marketing, Teespring required you to fulfill a sales goal. You can choose the goal you want, the higher sales goal, the more you will earn from each sale. But you don’t have to worry; Teespring will still ship your goods to the buyer and give you the profit. Teespring commonly will need at least 3 sales if you are not currently using vector file. But you can unlock the 1 minimum requirement if your design meet Teespring requirements, which is it has to be in high-resolution file.

Like it have been said before, both of Teechip and Teespring offer the same benefit of simplifying the artists work. You will hear many different opinions when asking; which one is better Teechip or Teespring.

Teechip vs Teespring

- Have no campaign goals- Have a campaign goals, at least 3 for common design and 1 for high resolution design
- The base cost is different depend on the design- Have a flat base cost
- Have less variants of goods compare to Teespring- Have more variants of goods than Teechip

Many people said if you are still a new comer on this custom goods service, you should choose Teechip, they have no goal campaigns and their profit calculation is very clear. However if you are already have some experience, we recommend you to choose Teespring, not only you can also use the minimum 1 goal if your design meets their requirements, but also if you set a higher goals, the basic cost will be lower and at the end you will get more profit.

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