Teespring vs CafePress

Today to make money you don’t have to own a shop or being an employer in a company. You can make money only utilizing some free online software combined with your creativity. In this article we will introduce you to Teespring and CafePress, which is two of online platform that can help you making money from home.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Teespring and CafePress
– How to make money with Teespring and CafePress
– Teespring vs CafePress

About Teespring
Teespring is an online platform, which provide the service of selling custom apparel. The company was founded as a way to simplify the process of selling custom T-shirts. Taken from Wikipedia, Teespring was founded by Walker Williams and Evan Stites-Clayton back then in 2011 in Rhode Island, they got their venture from Khosla Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz as much as $55 million. As you might already know, Teespring offer you to create design that later will be put on Teespring products and then sell to the buyers.

How to work with it
Making money with Teespring is pretty easy, moreover you will not pay for anything to start selling your products. What you have to do is simply designing, however you can’t copy other people artworks. The tip is find a hobby, made your own design that was inspired by those thing you notice happening insides your hobby of made some catchy word to describe your hobby. For example “gardening for a better tomorrow” or “keep calm and carry on gardening” or anything else that comes in your mind.

After you decide on your design, then it is time to set your t-shirt or other goods on Teespring, you can use their tool to make sure that the preview is as good as possible. After you set your product, then you should advertise them, you don’t have to pay for any advertisement. In fact you can promote your product for free in forums, Facebook groups or such that relate to your design or if it is related to a hobby you can easily find the community. Just make sure to ask permission first to the moderator, and you also can ask for feedback about your product which may be useful for your future projects.

For a tip, if you are still a newcomer on this kind of thing, it is not advised to spend on paid ads. You can do it later after you can sell your products outside the community. Another tip is do not spend too long in making design and if you can you have to launch 1 shirt every day, this is an attempt to make more choice available, which will do you a fortune later. If you are interested on other platform similar to Teespring, you can read our previous article on Spreadshirt vs Teespring here.

About CafePress
Cafepress is an American based online retailer that sell stock and user-customized on demand products. The company was founded in San Mateo, California back then in the 1999. The company now has headquarter in Louisville, Kentucky, where the production facility is place at the same place. Cafepress sells T-shirts, bags, mugs, wall clocks, calendars, and many other products. You can ask CafePress to print your design whether it is graphic design, logo or text in your preferable products. They also do on demand print for wall art and stationery.

How to work with it
Aside from that, they also allow you to have your own shop, which includes the online storefront, website hosting, order management, fulfillment, payment processing, and also customer service. CafePress, Inc. has six primary brands, which are its flagship brand the Cafepress.com, wholesale division CafePress Pro, Imagekind, Canvas on Demand, Great Big Canvas, and Canvas on Demand Pro. The company also has partnered up with other businesses to provide licensed contents on their site and power online custom shop for large companies, such as ABC, Urban Outfitters, Marvel, 2Oth Century Fox, CBS, Pixar, and Peanuts.

As it have been mentioned above, you can make money with Cafepress by setting a shop there. However you have to pay Cafepress each month for taking care of your shop, they currently have two option, first you will CafePress to deduct 10% (not exceed $10) from your royalties each month or second, you have to pre-pay them $6.95 per month. What you have to do is only designing and set your products. CafePress has base price for each products and you are the one who decide the selling price by adding your markup.

What you have to pay attention is not to set up your mark up too high or your customers will run away. You will also get bonuses if you sell over $100 and the bonus may range from an extra 10% to 30%. If you allow your design to be included in CafePress marketplace you can earn 10% total on sales from there.

Teespring vs CafePress

- It doesn’t require monthly fee- Required monthly fee
- All of the designs are made by users- Doesn’t have campaign period
- Have a campaign period- Some design are from big company copyright
- Doesn’t have bonuses- Give bonuses

As it have been explained above, we can see clearly that Teespring and CafePress are different. One difference key is that Teespring doesn’t sell their own design, all of Teespring design are made by other parties to be sell in Teespring website. While in CafePress, they partnered up with other companies to provide copyright on their items. The other is you don’t have to pay for selling your products on Teespring, while in CafePress you have to pay monthly fee for them for taking care of your shop. If you are still a newbie we will recommend Teespring, since it is easier and simpler to understand and used.

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