Teespring vs Printful

Today there are many way to makes money by only using our PC and Internet. What have been popular these last few years are the custom apparel services. These new companies offer services that can ease the work of artists. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur trying to make your own money by utilizing these services, then you need to read this article. We will introduce you to two of popular custom apparel company, which are Teespring and Printful.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Teespring and Printful
– How Teespring and Printful works
– TeespringvsPrintful

About Teespring
Teespring is a platform company for custom apparel. Walker Williams and Evan Stites Clayton founded this company in 2011 in Rode Islands. The company was intentionally built to simplify the process of selling custom T-shirts. When the company was founded, they got their venture capital from Khosla Venture and Andreessen Horowitz.

Teespring wants to empowers artists to create their own designs and sell their products without having to take care of the complicated producing and delivering the goods to the buyers. Teespring claims that they are 100% free to use. They get their revenue from the flat base cost. Their pricing mechanism is very simple and easy to understand. Also read our article about Teechip vs Teespring here.

How it works
For example, the base cost for a t-shirt is $10, and you decide to sell it at $25, the $15 profit is all yours to have. The way to use Teespring is very simple, you only have to upload your design, choose what kind of goods, color, etc you want to make, and then you can start selling them. One thing that you have to remember is, you have to do your own campaign.

Doing your own campaign means that you are the one who are going to introduce and market your product to your prospective customer. This part is very important, if you want to sell well you have to get creative with your ads and in this part, your marketing knowledge is needed. When doing your campaign you can use many different platforms, whether it is free or paid ads on sites.

The other thing that you have to pay attention is the sales goal. Teespring required you to set a sales goal, the higher your goal the cheaper the base cost. This is one of Teespring main benefit. Even when it is said as a sales goal, you don’t have to get discriminated by it. Commonly Teespring uses minimum 3 as a sales goal. However it is not impossible to set 1 as a sales goal. But you have to follow Teespring rule, the rule is very easy, they only required you to upload your design in a high resolution.

About Printful
Taken from crunchbase, Printful is a a company which offer drop shipping service that can be integrated with many e-commerce platform, such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Storeenvy, Tictail, and many others. Printful aimed at small and medium online shopping sites, which are currently looking for a way to sell their custom print goods, such as posters, canvas, t-shirts, etc but can’t deal with the hassle of fulfillments and shipping.

Online retailers will be able to outsource for the fulfillments and shipping by using Printful services. There are four ways to use Printful services, they are integrate with an e-commerce platform, submit manual orders, use the open API or use a middleman like Shipstation or Ecwid to connect a platform Printful don integrate directly.

How it works
In a simple way, here is how Printful works seen from the seller side. You are the seller and you have your shop at various shopping sites, for example Shopify. You promote your products in your shop or using any platform you like. When the buyer comes to you and chooses the product they want to buy. Your shop will automatically sync with your Printful account. And after you get the money from your buyer, you have to pay for the producing fee to Printful. The gap between your selling price and the cost from Printful is your profit.

Currently Printful has Men and women clothing, kids and youth clothing, accessories and also home living. Aside from printing your design on the goods, you also have the option to put your brand on the final products, which is actually pretty interesting.

Both Teespring and Printful is actually different, they might look the same but they have different kind of services. One thing that is pretty obvious is that Printful do not sell on their homepage, Printful offer their service to produce and ship your products. While at the other side Teespring is selling the products on their sites, but required you to do the campaign or marketing. They will receive the money from the buyers and deduct your profit from it. Printful works different, the one who receive the money from the buyer is you, and then you deduct the producing and shipping cost to pay Printful.

Teespring vs Printful

- The shop is in their sites- The shop location is depend on you
- They will the first to receive the money from buyers- You will be the first to receive the money from buyers
- The higher your goals the cheaper the base cost- Their price is the same regardless the amount of your orders

When comparing both of Teespring and Printful, we recommend you to choose Teespring. It is pretty easy to use and understand even for a beginner, they also has a flat base cost and the minimum sales goal can be set to only 1. At least when using Teespring you don’t have to manage your own shop, since the shop is at Teespring site.

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