Teespring vs Shopify

With nowadays technology, one can have their own shop without owning a real place to display their products. Today we can sell and buy products using only our smartphone, PC or such to access the internet and search for our desired products. If you are interested on making money using this method, in this article we will give you information about two company, which might able to help you.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Teespring and Shopify
– How to use Teespring and Shopify
– Teespring vs Shopify

About Teespring
Teespring is a company that provide a service as platform for custom apparel. Taken from Wikipedia, Teespring was founded back then on Rhode Island by Walker Williams and Evan Stites in 2011. When founded the company received $55 million in venture capital from Khosla and Andreessen Horowitz. The company intention is to simplify the selling process of custom T-shirts, however now Teespring also sell many type of custom goods, such as home décor, socks, phone cases, and mugs.

How to use it
To put it simply Teespring allows it users to create their own design, which are going to be put in various goods and sell at the Teespring website. One of its rule is you cannot copy other people design. So you have to make your own unique design to attract people attention into buying your products. You can based your design on anything you like, the most common is a hobby, you can make design with unique pictures or words to describe your hobby, such as “Keep calm and carry on pigeon-fancying”. If you are still new to design you can utilize free program like GIMP and Inkscape.

After deciding on your design, you have to make your product available. You can use the Teespring preview to make your products as good as possible. The next step is promoting your products, the easier way is to share it in communities or forum across the social media you can use. Not only it is pretty effective, but also free, you don’t have to pay anything to do this. Just make sure to ask permission from the moderator if you are going to advertise your products there. You also can ask for their feedback, what they think about your product, so you can review them and revise some of your strategies.

Using Teespring is pretty simple, they will placed a base cost for every products, and after you add your design, you can add the markup that will be your profit, just make sure not to set it too high or your customer will run away. You can read our previous article on Redbubble vs Teespring here.

About Shopify
Shopify is an online shopping site, or we usually called e-commerce company that was originated from Canada and it has headquarter placed in Ottawa, Ontario. Shopify is founded back then in 2004 by its founder Tobias Luke, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake, that was inspired by their main intention to open an online store for snowboarding equipment named Snowdevil. The Snowdevil then launched as Shopify in June 2006. The company currently has more than 500.000 merchant using its platform, with the total gross merchandise volume exceeding $45 billion.

How to use it
To put it simply, you can open your own shop at Shopify and sell your products there. To launch your Shopify account, you have to sign up to Shopify first, the company offer a 14 day free trial for you. The step to sign up a new account is also very easy, first, after you open the site, click the “create a new store” button. When naming your store you have to be creative or Shopify will ask you to rename it with something else. Second, after you signed up you will be directed to your store admin page. In this stage you will be ready to custom your store look, uploading products and setting up payments and shipping.

To decorate your shop, Shopify has their own theme store. These designs are all guaranteed to have a full support from their designer. One you found your preferred theme, you can click the green button to apply the theme immediately. Now you can begin to add product into your shop by utilizing the bar on the left. In this stage you have to add the image of your product and description on your products.

After you finish adding your products, now is time to set your payment, some gateways will keep small percentage or flat fee or both, and you can choose which will suit your anticipated sales. You also need to know what kind of payment your gateway receive, all of them accept VISA and Mastercard, while most accept American Express. Then you also have to set your shipping, in the “shipping rates” section, you have to adjust the weight based shipping rate to your products specifications.

Teespring vs Shopify

- Provide service by producing and shipping their products- Providing service by giving the seller a platform to sell their products
- Only sell customized goods- You can sell anything legal
- Provide the main products- Doesn’t provide the products

As it have been said above, both of Teespring and Shopify is two different kind of e-commerce. Teespring is focused on custom goods, while in Shopify you can sell almost any legal products and own your shop. If you want to sell many products that doesn’t include custom goods, we think Shopify is better for you, however the process of setting a shop is quite a hassle if you are not used to. On other case, if you an artist that want a simple way to earn money, we highly recommend the Teespring, since it was far easier to use compared to Shopify.

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