Tinder vs Bumble

Technology somehow has put people to do some social activity differently. The increasing amount of social media and the availability of smartphones are making people closer yet more distance including when it comes to find the perfect match. In today Tinder vs Bumble article, we are going to compare these two similar apps to give you information on what you can expect from them. If you plan on searching your soul mate or just want to hook up with some interesting people, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Tinder and Bumble
– How Much is Tinder and Bumble Paid Subscription Cost
– How to Use Tinder and Bumble
– Tinder vs Bumble

About Tinder
For many people Tinder is like the synonym of casual dating. This app has change the way people find their partner with its simplistic hot or not variation of an online dating platform. The app will allow you to like (swipe right) or dislike (swipe left) other users and then match you with another users to chat if both of you have swipe right. Since it was launched in 2012, its gaining popularity worldwide and by 2014, it already registering around 1 billion swipes per day.

With more than 20 billion matches, the app is undoubtedly the world’s most popular app for meeting new people or dating or one night stand or anything your real purpose are. We can’t denied that this app is the adult version of hot on not game. There are people from a wide range of ages on Tinder but most of them probably teenagers or at least younger adult who still got enough energy to follow the whole process. In reality, the app may not only limited to dating and such but may also works for expanding your channels.

Tinder Paid Subscription
Just like many other similar app out there, Tinder can be used for free but in 2015, they released a paid subscription that will give you more freedom into the app. The paid version will let you to get unlimited matches compared to the free app that will limits the number in a 12-hour period. The paid version are divided into Tinder Plus and Gold. You have to pay for $9.99 per month for Plus and $14.99 per month for the Gold member. Read also: DoorDash vs GrubHub here.

How to Use Tinder
Dating is already frustrating enough for some people to even learn how to use an app. But don’t worry, Tinder is actually pretty easy to use and you may won’t need much time before doing well like a pro. After you download and install the app in your smartphone, create an account with your Facebook account or phone number. However, be careful when you use Facebook since the app will pull information like friends and photos from it.

After you are signed up, create your profile by tapping the gear shaped icon and fill the information required and add photo as well as a clever bio to attract people’s interest. You may add 6 photos into the library that you can automatically shuffle to let the app continuously test all photos to decide which the best is. To start searching, tap the flame-shaped icon in the top and just like we have mentioned above you can start swapping. If you need more information regarding the person, you can tap the small info icon at the bottom left corner.

About Bumble
Bumble is another popular dating app you can try if you are not fond of Tinder. This app has a beehive like hexagonal logo hence the name Bumble. The app was launched in 2014 and actually made by Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe Herd. This app is female-first dating app, which means the women will make the move first and message first. The main scheme is still the same like Tinder with a bit of twist. However, if the one you are looking for is same sex relationship; in this case both side will be able to initiate the chat.

Bumble Paid Subscription
In November 2017, the app already have 22 million users and about 27 million downloads as of February 2018. Similar like Tinder, Bumble also has a paid subscription named Bumble Boost that will give you premium features like Beeline, which is a list of users who liked you; Busy Bee, which allow users unlimited 24-hour extensions for matches, and Rematch to keep the expired match in your queue for 24 hours more. The price to purchase this subscription is $9.99 per month.

How to Use Bumble
Bumble works just like Tinder, but in the app men can’t make the first move and only women can. Unless you are a person who are looking for same sex partner or you are here to look for a friend then the app will let both of you to start the conversation. Before you can look for any possible matches, of course you have to set up your profile first.

If you owned a smartphone than the simple signing up process shouldn’t be overwhelming for you because you may already used for this kind of thing when making social media accounts. After you fill all the required information, you can start your journey. In Bumble BFF, instead of romantic partner, you can find a platonic relationship with people who are also interested to being friend with you. If you accidentally swipe left, just shake your phone to get the previous person picture back in.

If you want to find romantic partners, the method is still the same but you have to toggle back to Bumble. If the person you swiped right already swiped right on you too, the app will let you know and you can instantly connect by messaging him first or continue to look for other matches.

Now, let’s compare Tinder with Bumble. As it has been mentioned earlier. Bumble is just like Tinder but it let women take in charge because they are the one who are going to decide whether they want to start first or not even though this rule doesn’t apply on same sex relationship and non-romantic searching. The app also offer non-romantic connections with BFF and Bizz unlike Tinder that combine everything in one place.

Tinder vs Bumble

- Launched earlier- Launched later
- Both women and men can initiate the conversation- Only women can initiate the conversation (romantic)
- One place for both romantic/non-romantic searching- Have separate place for non-romantic searching (BFF and Bizz)

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, it is best to try both of them first to see which app will make you comfortable the most. They are free to use, so you wouldn’t lose anything. However, for women, choosing Bumble may be the better option for its women centric method.

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