Treehouse vs Codecademy

With present technology, we don’t have to be enrolling in a education establishment to learn what we want to learn; now we can learn in our homes through the internet and services provided by numerous organizations, whether it is for free of not. If you are interested on learning how to code, read our article below, because we are going to introduce you to two learning platforms to help you with lessons and knowledge about coding; they are Treehouse and Codecademy.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Treehouse and Codecademy
– What Treehouse and Codecademy can offer to you
– Treehouse vs Codecademy

About Treehouse
Treehouse is an online school or learning platform that provides their students with courses from beginner to advanced level about web design, web development, mobile developments and game development taught by a team of expert teachers. The company offers learning program by combining videos with interactive quizzes and code challenges. The founder of Treehouse, Ryan Carson said that Treehouse mission is “to bring affordable Technology education to people everywhere, in order to help them achieve their dreams and change the world”.

Treehouse Pricing and Features
Taken from pcmag, Treehouse offers their students basic plan for $25 per month to get access into learning videos, student forums, and code challenges to test your skill. If you want to get a certificate, they also offer Techdegree Plan for $199 per month, which cover custom curriculum, real world projects, peer reviews, exclusive slack panel and proctored final exam. Each one of those program offers seven days free trial.

Treehouse also have Pro plan for $49 per month, so you can get video talks from leaders in the industry and you can pause the subscription in case you want to take a break form the course and you can return in the future without having to pay the time spent in your break.

When you are ready to start your learning, you will be able to choose between individual classes or tracks, which is made of several classes. In the tracks option, you can pick Web Design, Learn C#, Rails development, and PHP development. While in the classes, you can found lesson about how to make a website as well as a variety dedicated to WordPress, Ruby and other topics.

About Codecademy
Codecademy is an online platform that offers their users free coding classes in 12 different coding languages including Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, SQL, and SaaS. They also teach markup languages HTML and CSS. You can get some of the features for free but they also offers paid version that will give you access to personalized learning plan, realistic projects, quizzes, and live help for their advisors. If you are interested on other learning platforms, read our article on Coursera vs Udemy here.

Codecademy Pricing and Features
Codecademy offers basic plan starting from $25 per month, which covers video courses, interactive tools, on-demand learning, and supporting community of students. While the pro version will cost you $49 per month to cover video courses, practicing live with Code Academy Code Challenge Engine, get help from member only forums, watch talk from industry leaders, enjoy exclusive bonus content, and download video for online learning.

When you already signing in, you will offer with various options and where to start, you may also view Codecademy full course listing. After you select the course, you will be given an overview to let you get familiar with the topic. They also walk you through course prep including installing all you need to complete the course. Start from here you will be brought to a new environment to start building and little by little building up your skills.

Both of Treehouse and Codecademy is great option to get start learning how to code. Both of them offer free trial and paid versions for more advanced content. Their learning style may suitable for some people and also less like by some. On of their difference is that Treehouse offer Techdegree, if you want to get certification. Other difference is Treehouse uses tracks, which contains several classes, while Codeacademy categories their lessons by programming language.

Treehouse vs Codecademy

- Offers Techdegree for those who want to pursue tech career- Currently does not offer any certification
- Classifies their lessons in tracks contains several classes- Classifies their lessons by the language
- Have iPad app, so students can learn or code on the go- Currently does not have iOS or Android app

All in all, the option is all yours to make, since both of them are great on their own. If you are planning to get a certification then Treehouse is better for you, but if you prefer learning towards the language, in our opinion it is better to opt for Codecademy.

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