Uber vs Taxi

Conventional taxi is a kind of public transportation that already established and familiar since antiquity. But, because of the developments of technology that move too fast and unstoppable, conventional taxi had a very drastic setback. This is happened since 2015 ago and its peak from 2016 until now. Since the beginning of 2015, there are various applications that popping up which generally called “online taxis”. The use of online taxis really rely on technology as an intermediary between drivers and online taxi users. Unlike the case of conventional taxi that rely on bids to get its service users.The ability of online taxi such as Uber, Grab, and Gojek has far beyond the conventional taxi. Let’s look at some of the disadvantages and advantages of between Uber (as an example of online taxi and Taxi (as a conventional taxi).

The online transportation provides a certainty of the tariffs to be paid by costumers before they get into the car. This claim is recognized to attract the customer, because the customer can manage their money directly. While conventional taxi is vice versa, we do not know how much money that should we spent before we use their service. As a result, there will be an anxiety feeling and a worry if the money that we bring is not sufficient to pay the taxi.

Service and Security
Currently, these two transportation models have similar services. But most of customers more comfortable. Additionally,in terms of security the conventional taxis and Uber are considered more secure because there are companies that manage both of them. So, when the driver doing some mistakes to their customers, the customers can make a report about the driver’s name, the number of their vehicles, and the mistakes that already done by the driver. (See another comparison between Lyft vs Uber)

In terms of technology, Uber is more develop rather than Taxi. As you see, Uber use online application that makes the customers easy to order the taxi. The drivers of Uber do not need to find and calling the customers over and over again to ask the address of customers. This is because the online application of Uber already provided a map to make the driver easy to find the address of customers. Meanwhile in conventional Taxi, we have to clearly mention the address of our home to make the driver easy in finding the exact location. Their company did not provide the map to find the true location of customers, even though this is the easy way for the drivers itself.

Based on the information above, the writer thinks that online transportation like Uber have several benefits for the customers who want to go to one place. Uber provide the cheapest price rather than conventional taxi, and it is more benefit especially in traffic jam. Furthermore, Uber allow the online application that completed with maps, so it can make the pickup process is faster rather than Taxi. For the security, both of them are very safe to be order because the customer is allowed to know the driver’s name and the number of vehicles that used if the driver makes a mistake.

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