Uber vs UberX

Transportation is the transfer of goods and people from the place of origin to the destination. In Indonesia there are several types of transportation that usually used, they are land transportation, sea and air. So far that’s all the kinds of transportation in our country. Seeing the importance of transportation, there are transportation online that now already popular and it is including in land transportation. Nowadays, we should understand that the flow of technological progress is a necessity that must inevitably follow.

Online transportation service is a transportation service utilizing the technological progress. Technology created the goal to facilitate all human activities in every day. Online-based transport was created in order to make it easier for someone to travel. For example: easy to order, efficient and effective. Uber is one of online transportation that exist in Indonesia and it is a technology platform. The Uber app connects the driver and passenger partners. If you already familiar with Uber, you must know what UberX is. Let see the difference and the similarity between them.

Uber is an online application which have known by the society. In several cities, Uber offers “upfront pricing”; the driver is showed the estimated that the customer should pay before requesting the ride. The driver is charged based on the time and distance of the drive and cannot request additional money to passengers. Uber provide some features for example UberX, UberXL, UberPOOL, UberBlack, uberSuv, UberSelect, UberWaV. All features have different facilities and different price based on the car that you choose. There are several types of car that used by Uber to pick up and to get the customers to home, take for example the general one such as Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia, Suzuki Ertiga, Honda Mobilio, and Toyota Agya. Many considerations made by Uber in the selection of cars that capable to be their members. First, seen from how much CC the car is, the year of the car, and the look of the car whether it is feasible or not.

For those who already familiar with Uber, you must know with one of their features, but for you who did not know about Uber, you must also do not know about UberX. UberX is one of service to pick and drop off the passenger to their home using the middle-class car. UberX usually use Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia, and a car that can accommodate a maximum of 6 people. UberX offer the affordable price for the customers rather than using another kinds of Uber. Because the price is very affordable, so there are many people who choose UberX than other features. Due to the large number of bookings, the drivers often cannot serve passengers, especially those customers that order in long distance.

There are several types of online transportation that already famous presently. Uber is the one example of that online transportation. It is an application which made to facilitate passengers in ordering services to pick up and drop them to their home. Using Uber as an online application is the right choice because you can get the ease and comfort service. Uber has some adequate features, one of them is UberX. Uberx is claimed to be a feature that offers the cheapest rate with a good service.

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