UberX vs UberBlack

People in the world already known about the service of online transportation. Since in the mid of 2015 ago until this early 2018, there are a lot of online transportation which spread in the world. Uber is an online transport application that is most inherent in the hearts of people.Day after day, Uber began to replace the position of other application.I as the customers of online transportation actually prefer to do order via Uber rather than other online transport. Uber is able to present various special features that are designed to bring many people. The cars that already provided also vary from low to luxury class of cars. As a result of that availability, many users are interested to enjoy the services. Uber allowed the car is divided into six options namely UberX, UberBlack, and UberXL, UberPool, UberSuv, and UberSelect. From those options, I would like to introduce you two general Uber that usually used by users, they are UberX and UberBlack.

Uber service system is increasingly improved day by day. That’s also happened to the other features of Uber. This UberX feature actually has a similar with UberBlack, which is established under the Uber Company. The different thing that differentiate them are the type of car used and the price to be paid by passengers. For the cars that commonly used by UberX are Daihatsu Xenia, Avanza, Honda Jazz, Thirds, Agya, Ayla, and other small cars that usually have the small capacity of passengers. One car only bring as much as 4 people.For a car of such small size, you must be careful before you take your family with you.

After you order, you can see the types of car that will pick you up. Next, for the price of UberX itself.The price that offered by UberX is relatively low when compared with UberBlack, Why?Because the type of a car that used by the member of UberX is included in a regular and small car category. Indeed, there are types of Xenia and Avanza that offered by Uber in the application, but you cannot choose the type of the car based on your willingness.When you want to order, the app will find you the car that closest to your current location. Do not be afraid, small cars do not decrease your comfort feeling because the cars that become uber members already pass the feasibility test before being used to carry passengers.

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UberBlack is a similar application with UberX. If you already know what UberX is, now I will give some information regarding UberBlack. UberBlack is an Uber feature that is reserved for the upper middle class. Why? because the members of this UberBlack are those who have a car such as Innova, Pajero Sport, Alphard, Toyota Chamri, BMW, Nissan Xtrail, Mazda and others. Users of UberBlack are typically business people, high-end people, and people who will go to a special event. These are that distinguishes UberX and UberBlack services. From the type of car above, we can see that the price is one of the factor that differenciate UberBlack and UberX. UberBlack offers a more expensive price when compared to UberX. In addition to the price, UberBlack also employs people who are already professional as a driver. Not all people can register on this UberBlack, so the security of passengers can be guaranteed.

In choosing the best for you, you must consider your needs first. If you only want to go to school, office, or travel to one place you’d better choose UberX, because it can save your money. But if you are a kind of business people or you want to visit special party (event) and you want to invite all you family members, you can order UberBlack. Indeed, UberBlack has expensive rate rather than UberX, but I think it is worth it enough to use. It because UberBlack has different taste of taxi.

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