UberX vs UberPool

Uber is the most fastest and famous application in the world. This is proved by the 4 million users that already used this application. Uber is an online application that focus on sharing service providers. It offers many option of services, price, type of car, comfort level, and the quality. UberPool and UberX are two of the cheapest travel options that Uber has. Both of services is actually have same function, it is to take and drop the passenger to their place. But, there are also much different between UberX and Uberpool.

Uberx is a type of online transport service most used by Uber users around the world. UberX can be ordered through Uber apps that can be downloaded on Playstore for android or smartphone users. First, you have to UberX has several special offers rather than Uberpool, i.e. the convenience, price, and capacity. Uber is more comfort than Uberpool, it is because in UberX you do not need to share your seat to other people (in case you are alone). Moreover, if you are using UberX you will get privacy space. Why does it important?Because this privacy space allows you to do your usual private activities such as sleeping while snoring, smoking, etc. So, you do not need to hesitate and embarrassed while you go to your place. However, to taste the comfort zone of your travel you have to pay more. The difference range started from 5 thousand until 15 thousand rupiah more expensive than Uberpool. Beside the comfortably and price, UberX provides plenty capacity of seat rather than Uberpool. It can accommodate 4 people in one car.

UberPool is a special choice of Uber where you can share your trip with other people that has same destination. UberPool is the cheapest option in Uber app. It works pretty much the same way as any other Uber option, but there’s a bit of a difference between them. If UberX has a private space, Uberpool is the opposite. Uberpool does not provide private space because the seat should be shared with other passengers. This feature is much better for those who are not concerning about the convenience. Additionally, Uberpool has the most affordable price rather than UberX. The price could be a half of UberX’s price.The lacks of this service are the passenger cannot change the direction of the trip and passenger may need a long time to get to the destination (because there are two people with different pickup locations).

Uber is an online transport that mostly used by the people around the world. Two of them are UberX and UberPool. The main difference between UberX and UberPool is the price and experiences. UberX is more expensive than UberPool, but it is more comfortable than Uberpool. Moreover, if you use Uberx you will get early to your destination. While UberPool let you to share your trips with strangers to heading in the same place. The price is much better than UberX, because in using Uberpool the user shares the payment fees with other passenger.

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