Zapier vs IFTTT

Zapier and IFTTT is two most popular task automation tool these days. Both are free to use and offer you with dependable service of integrating your apps to ease your workflow. If you are interested on using one of them, you may want to check our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Zapier and IFTTT
– What Zapier and IFTTT can offer to you
– Zapier vs IFTTT

About Zapier
Zapier is an American based corporation that provides their users a web-based service, which allows them to integrate more than two web applications. The company is bases in Sunnyvale, California, but they distribute their workforce around United States and in more than 10 Countries. Zapier is a perfect tool for those who use a wide range of business and productivity apps to interlink functions across their apps’ services. Zapier provide you with an automation that the called Zaps that let you post in more than one place at a time without having to write any code. If you are interested in similar tool, you may check our article on Hootsuite vs Sprout Social here.

Zapier Features
They offer free service that will let you perform up to 100 tasks per month, but you only have 5 Zaps active for this level, which run every 15 minutes. For the first 14 days you may have a free trial of premium features. The premium version is literally contain the apps that you can’t us in the free version, such as Amazon S3, GoToWebinar, PayPal, MySQL, SQL Server, QuickBooks, Zendesk, etc. In premium version you will have Autoreplay, which will make Zapier retries the task in case there is a failure, while in free version they will only send you email and you have to rerun it manually. Zapier offers more than one level of subscription and the highest level will cost you $250 per month to cover 50.000 tasks, unlimited Zaps, and unlimited members.

IFTTT is a free web-based tool that provide you with a free service to create chains of simple conditional statements called applets, which will triggered by changes that occur within web services, like Gmail, Facebook, Telegram, Pinterest or Instagram. IFTTT is the abbreviation of ‘If This Than That”, which represent the tool capability. This productivity service is in many people favorite productivity apps, because it will let you connect a wide variety of apps, device, and services even when you don’t know how to code. For an example, you can post picture in Facebook and it will automatically save into Dropbox or receive an email from a new contact and you will see the sender’s information appear in a spreadsheet.

IFTTT Features
IFTTT is free to use and anyone can sign up for free account to use the service. Before you start, you have to define the apps and services that you want IFTTT to be able to reach, some of them is already mentioned above and for more apps and services, you can check IFTTT site( You may even integrate with smart home devices like Philips Hue Light bulb and Amazon Echo or weather apps like stock tickers, and other services. The service is still remain free until now, but the chance of premium service is high and it might happen soon in the future.

Now, let’s compare Zapier and IFTTT. The most distinct difference between them is who the tool is intended to. Zapier is definitely lean towards business and professional, while IFTTT is for home use or personal use. Zapier is able to do multiple Zaps, while IFTTT only able to link one application to another, which is why it is pretty easy to get used to unlike Zapier that will need consume more time to master it. The last is the Zapier offer premium service that will cost you depend on the level, while IFTTT is completely free for the moment.

Zapier vs IFTTT

- Offer premium subscription- Free to use for the moment
- Able to do multiple Zaps- Only able to link one app to another app
- Is harder to master- Simpler and easier to learn

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. Both of them can be used for free. If you plan on using them for personal used, we think it is better with IFTTT, but if you are a business owner or a professional Zapier is the better choice.

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