Ziprecruiter vs Indeed

In present day, we can easily apply for a job through the Internet, unlike in the past when people have to put flyers everywhere to seek for employers. Aside from posting your job in your company site, you can use some employment related platforms out there to enhance the chance people seeing your job vacancy; some of them are Ziprecruiter and Indeed. If you want your job to be viewed by many people and increase the chance of getting the right employer, you may want to read our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Ziprecruiter and Indeed
– What Ziprecruiter and Indeed can offer to you
– Ziprecruiter vs Indeed

About Ziprecruiter
Ziprecruiter is an online platform use by employers to post their job vacancy easier, since the platform can post job vacancy to more than 50 job boards with just one submission from the company while for job seeker and ease employees to maintain their database of job posting. Ziprecruiter goal is to create a stress-free, easy to use and simplifying the process of job seeker and the employer who are currently seeking people to fill some positions. Ziprecruiter is very popular for it have been used by more than 250 thousands companies and more than 15 million candidates. In February this year the company did a fundraising and able to collect more than $50 million.

Ziprecruiter Features
Ziprecruiter comes with many useful features. For as an employer or company, you can post one job vacancy in more than 100 boards, such as,, and You also can post to Linkedin, but you will need to pay more. When searching for promising employers, you can use the resume bank to search job seekers that meets your standard, using keywords, such as education, location, etc. Ziprecruiter released an interesting feature not long ago, which is a widget that let you post our job vacancy in your site without needing any programming skill.

About Indeed
Indeed is a platform to help companies from all sizes to find, select and hire employee that meets their requirements, while for jobseekers, it is used as a search engine for job vacancies. Indeed is here to simplified recruitment process and help both companies and jobseekers to find the right candidate and preferred positions. Indeed is available and can be used by all people worldwide to search jobs and post jobs for free. However, companies may use the paid ad if they want their job ad to be noticed by wider audience.

Indeed Features
In Indeed, companies can post their job vacancy for free or pay to get Sponsored Listings, which will make your job ad appear in top search and increased people’s attention to your ad about 5 times compared to the free version. With Indeed resume, you can search over 100 million resumes across your industry based on the position’s preferred criteria, such as education, title, location, etc. There is also mobile recruiting feature to let people apply directly from their devices. When you activate this feature, you will likely to get two times the number of candidates. You may also optimize your ad by becomes Featured Employer and shows up every time people search for your company or when your sponsored jobs appear.

Now, let’s compare Ziprecruiter with Indeed. In the familiarity, it is clear that Indeed is far more popular than Ziprecruiter and have been there longer with firmer foundation and track record. In the platform’s capabilities, Ziprecruiter is better than Indeed, since they have some new and interesting feature, such as the widget we have mentioned above.

Ziprecruiter vs Indeed

- Offer more interesting features- Offer simpler features
- Able to post on other famous platform, such as Linkedin- Can’t posts on other platforms
- Not as popular as Indeed- Very popular among both employer and jobseekers

All in all, the option is all yours. When talking about a platform where people post and search, popularity is one of the key to success. The more popular the platform the better its ability to gather people. In our opinion, if you want more people to view your job vacancy, you should choose the most popular platform, which in this article is Indeed.

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