Zoosk vs Match

In this article, we will see the comparisons between two heavyweights in the online dating industry, which are Zoosk vs Match. Although they are both popular services, they do offer different features and benefits. Make sure that you choose the right place to find your potential dates and lovers by continuing reading below!

What you will learn in this article:
– The ease of use and communication features of Zoosk and Match
– The searching and matching tools of Zoosk and Match
– The security of Zoosk vs Match
– The pricing of Zoosk and Match
– Which online dating service that is more recommended

Signing Up and Ease of Use
Some online dating apps require personality tests and quizzes, which are very time-consuming. Fortunately, both Zoosk and Match do not require such tests, so you can quickly set up a profile on either service. In fact, it takes less than 10 minutes to sign up and set up a profile on either service. Both Zoosk and Zoosk use your sign up information to build your profile.

Zoosk can sync with your Facebook profile to speed up the sign up process. Everything you need can be found on the home screen. There are real-time notifications and email updates. Overall, Zoosk feels easier to use; this is because Zoosk continuously improves your matches as you interact with more users on the site.

Match takes slightly longer to build your profile. Nevertheless, the profile has “About You” and “About Your Date” sections where you can talk more about yourself as well as the person you are looking for. The user interface is also neat, and there are real-time notifications and email updates as well.

Both Zoosk and Match have built-in instant messengers and inbox chats as the primary communication tools for their members. Both online dating services also allow you to see the people currently online so that you can initiate some chats with them.

Zoosk has a stand-alone messenger app which you can download to make online chats easier. You will not get bored due to getting the same questions from several different people, as Zoosk allows you to create custom ice-breaker questions to send to other users. So, the communication can be very dynamic and lively.

Match’s mobile app is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, and Palm. So, in terms of platform compatibility, Match is indeed better. There is also the MatchPhone feature, which allows you to conduct a phone call conversation safely. (Read also : Zoosk vs PoF)

Searching and Matching
There are several ways to search on Zoosk. All of the searching features are powered by the Behavioral Matchmaking technology. You can swipe through singles on the Carousel feature, wait for your Zoosk Pick which includes targeted matches according to your profile, or conduct a profile search with the powerful filters.

Match has a similar feature called Singled Out, which provides matches that uniquely suit your profile. The searching tools are also great, with Reverse Search and Mutual Search. You can conduct a search by implementing keywords to narrow down the results.

Safety is a very important feature for an online dating service. Both Zoosk and Match provide numerous tips to keep you safe. Each of them also has an incognito mode, so you can start a conversation without exposing your personal identity right away.

However, the incognito mode on Zoosk is free, whereas the one on Match has an extra cost. In addition, Zoosk has several verification tools to ensure that their profiles are not fake. Hence, Zoosk has slightly better safety.

Both Zoosk and Match have competitive pricing plans. The longer you are subscribed to the service, the lower the cost will be. Zoosk is generally more affordable because it starts at $12.49/month.

However, Match has a very interesting Match Guarantee policy. It starts at $20.99/month for six months, but if you don’t meet someone within the six-month duration, it can give you another six months for free.

Zoosk vs Match

- Easy and fast sign up- Takes slightly longer to build a profile
- Instant messenger- Instant messenger and MatchPhone
- Find matches via Carousel, Zoosk Pick, and profile search- Find matches via SingledOut and powerful searching tools
- Free incognito mode- Additional cost for the incognito mode
- $12.49/month- $20.99/month for six months with Match Guarantee

In general, Zoosk is more recommended. It is easier to use, with a nice messenger app and powerful searching and matching features. It has better safety with several verification tools. It is also more affordable.

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